Keiya’s Logitech G13 WoW Setup

I have been using the Logitech G13 for roughly 4 years or so and considering it an invaluable WoW tool for my paladin. I have about a thousand keys to bind and the problem is that since I don’t have gigantic hands, I can only comfortable reach numbers 1 through 5 without having to move my left hand to the other side of the keyboard. The Logitech G13 allows me to literally access every single spell, ability, and interface option in the game while being able to move at the same time. This is the way that I have it setup:

Forward, back, strafe left, and strafe right around bound to the thumbstick on the G13. I hold down the right mouse button to look and have jump/autorun bound to the side buttons on my gaming mouse.

Action Bars
All spells and abilities in game (for the most part) are bound to buttons 1 through =. Different action bar sets can be accessed through the CTRL and SHIFT button modifiers. Generally, I have spells broken up into two rows. The bottom row 1 through 6 and the top row 7 through =.

On the board, the top row (7 through =) is bound to G2 through G7 and the bottom row (1 through 6) is bound to G9 through G14. Since I don’t have giant-ass hands, my most used spells are located in the dead middle of the board where my fingers rest by default: G10, G11, G12. Button modifiers (CTRL and SHIFT) are located on the bottom left, roughly where they would be on a normal keyboard so that my pinky can easily access them.

One of the main advantages of the G13 is the sheer amount of stuff that you can bind to it. There are 3 buttons just below the LCD screen: M1, M2, and M3. Pressing these keys will shift the G13 into a different state allowing you to bind different items to the keys. So for example, to access a key on the M2 state from M1, you would need to press M2, press the key in question, then press M1 to shift back to the state you were in. That takes way too long.

I have a custom script setup on the G13 that you will me to momentary shift into the M2 and M3 states while the buttons next to the thumbstick are held down. So instead of having to repeatedly press M1, M2, and M3, they function similar to SHIFT and CTRL which is a lot more useful for WoW. M2 is activated by the button to the left of the thumbstick and turns the LCD red. M3 is activated by the button below the thumbstick and turns the LCD blue.

M1 (Default): Button modifiers, action bar, vent push-to-talk, screenshot, etc.

M2 (Red state): The escape key, F1 through F5, and non-combat UI menus such as the guild social screen, spellbook, map, bags, rep, etcetera

M3 (Blue State): Mostly the party target icons for marking things and whatever else couldn’t be fit in to M2. The ‘Aura’ buttons are a holdover from several expansion packs ago.

Script for the M2 and M3 States
function OnEvent(event, arg, family)
if ( family == "lhc" ) then
if ( event == "G_PRESSED" ) then
if ( arg == 23 ) then
SetMKeyState(2, family);
if ( arg == 24 ) then
SetMKeyState(3, family);
elseif ( event == "G_RELEASED" ) then
if ( arg == 23 ) then
SetMKeyState(1, family);
if ( arg == 24 ) then
SetMKeyState(1, family);

An XML file containing my WoW G13 file can be downloaded below (while viewing the full post). To import it, open the Logitech Gaming Software and hit the import/export button below the profile search bar. Word of warning. This only really works with my WoW keybindings, which aren’t necessarily default.


KeiUI 4.0 Info & Download Link

A couple of people have requested my UI setup, so here you all go; Many apologies for the uuuh delay lol. A full description of KeUI is included in this post. This interface has been exclusively designed for and used on a 1920×1080 windowed setup. It should however, still work properly with any windowed 16:9 ratio screen resolution.

As a word of warning, I don’t play anything else other than Keiya most of the time so my interface is very retribution paladin centric (though I am looking into more class generic addons to replace things like Holytrinity and clcret). If anyone else uses a Logitech G13 and is interested in how I bind everything in accordance with my G13 profile, the keybindings configuration files are included within the WTF folder.

Installation Instructions
I sanitized all of the addon profiles as best as I could. After a fresh install, the correct profiles for each mod should load without having to fuss around with Reflux. If you want to use your file, just make sure to set the following values:

SET gxResolution “1920×1080″”
SET gxWindow “1”
SET uiScale “0.76999998092651”

Aside from that, setup is standard fair. I have included general instructions below; If you need more assistance, Tankspot has one of the better guides that I have seen in regards to uploading, downloading and configuring custom UI setups.

  1. Please please please make sure to backup your original Interface, WTF and Fonts folders. Both are located within your World of Warcraft root directory. Either rename both of these folders to something like, WTF_OLD or create a new folder and move them into it.
  2. Download the .zip file attached to this article and extract it into your World of Warcraft directory. The .zip file should contain three folders: Interface, WTF and Fonts.
  3. The following folders within the WTF folder will need to be renamed: YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME, YOUR_SERVER_NAME and YOUR_CHARACTER_NAME to your login name, server name and character name respectively.
  4. Login to WoW. At the character selection screen click on the “Addon” button located on the lower left. Click the checkbox at the top labeled, “Load out of date addons.” All of the major addons included within my UI compilation should be fairly recent, but I can’t guarantee how often this .zip file will be updated.
  5. Load your character and enjoy.

List of addons
The list of visible addons are included below.

  • Bartender 4
  • Chocolate Bar
  • ClassTimer
  • CLCRet
  • HolyTrinity
  • MikScrollingBattleText
  • Omen
  • OmniCC
  • oRA3
  • Pitbull4
  • Prat 3.0
  • Recount
  • SexyMap
  • SimpleTankFrames
  • TidyPlates
  • XPBarNone

If anyone has a request or configuration question, I would be happy to address them in this thread or via email when I have time.


My Logitech G13 WoW Setup

I have my Logitech G13 broken down into three different states: M1 (default), M2 (red) and M3 (blue). By default the gamepad will always be in the M1 state. However, I have the Logteich software setup to allow me to momentarily shift into M2 and M3 while I have the two buttons below the thumbsticks pressed down. That way, I don’t have to manually press the M2 or M3 buttons at the top of the keypad to access any of the red or blue buttons. The colors by the way, correspond to the LCD backlight coloring for each state as well as my N52 setup. This is generally how I tried to organize each of the three states:

M1 (Default): Frequjently used items, combat abilities and regular shift modifiers (Shift, Control and Alt)

M2 (Red): Blizzard interface elements such as the guild screen, map, professions as well as party targets (F1 through F5).

M3 (Blue): Raid icons, auras, screenshotting, camera views and other stuff.

The new gamepad software, version 6, will allow you to assign a button that will toggle you into any of the M states by right clicking on a button and going to Edit > Fuction. If you are using the old software, version 3.0.6, you will need to add a script  (included below). FYI: I have G23 assigned to M2 and G24 assigned to M3. If you prefer another configuration, that shouldn’t be too hard to change.


function OnEvent(event, arg, family)
if ( family == “lhc” ) then
if ( event == “G_PRESSED” ) then
if ( arg == 23 ) then
SetMKeyState(2, family);
if ( arg == 24 ) then
SetMKeyState(3, family);
elseif ( event == “G_RELEASED” ) then
if ( arg == 23 ) then
SetMKeyState(1, family);
if ( arg == 24 ) then
SetMKeyState(1, family);


Keys G9, G10 and G11 are where I naturally rest my ring, middle and index fingers. I tried to keep important abilities centralized around this area. It’s worth noting that, to avoid any possible EULA violations, I don’t use the G13 to script anything that couldn’t already be macro’d in game. I have quite a few items bound to awkward key combinations in game (Shift + Control + F1 to toggle Recount for example). Not so easy to press on a normal keyboard, trivial to bind on a gamepad. Also, I have jump, autorun and 4 or 5 other things bound to my mouse.

If anyone is interested, my configuration file is included in the zip file posted below. Beware, it’s highly customized to my awkward in-game keybindings…

Keiya’s UI Version 4.0


Edit: Download link and more info has been posted here.

Except for a few things, I was fairly satisfied with my previous interface so KeiUI 4.0 really isn’t too different than KeiUI 3.2. Same goals as my previous UI incarnation:

  1. To retain functionality while reducing clutter, both in terms of appearance and addons used.
  2. To maximize screen visibility. I don’t like UI elements showing when they are not being used and I prefer to keep the center of the screen as clear as possible, barring scrolling text mods and stuff like that.

Ultra minimalistic DPS complications have an elegance that I love, but just won’t work for my purposes. Even though I don’t do so much raid healing, tanking or leading nowadays, I still feel like I need high information visibility in addition to my thousand keybindings. Everything, more or less, has its own place either along the bottom screen or shoved up at the top. Critical items like Omen, class spell timing bars, health bars and the like are condensed within a small area at the bottom center of the screen for easy visual access. Other times like the map, buffs and Recount are at the corners up top. When not in combat or not grouping, everything other than my player frame, the map and the hotbars will fade away.


Main changes: Dominos was dropped in favor or Bartender 4 because of the way Dominos would handle vehicle bar replacement. Since BT4 doesn’t allow you to customize the experience bar, I reinstalled XPBarNone, which automagically changes the display based on your level and what reputation is currently being grinded out. KGPanels was also dropped in favor of more visibility and reducing addon clutter. I really dislike interfaces with a giant opaque black bar obscuring the lower quarter of the screen so I wanted to shy away from that type of design as much as possible. At some point, I may even just fade everything except for the map when I am not in combat.

I dropped my other nameplate mod in favor of Tidy Plates, which looks quite a bit nicer. Autobar was also dropped in favor of just keybinding my Auras on the G13 and moving consumables elsewhere. I really liked the way Autobar condensed the different types of food and what not. It may get reinstalled when I start raiding. I am also using Holy Trinity to keep track of Holy Power (the three flat horizontal yellow bars right above my player frame). There’s a small holy power interface element that pops up in the middle of my screen whenever I am in combat. Not really sure where that is coming from or how to get rid of it :/.


My hotbars have been rearranged to correspond with how my Logitech G13 is laid out: Instead of having four 12×1 chunks arranged in a 2×2 configuration, I now have four 6×2 chunks arranged in a 4×1 configuration. It’s easier for me to keep track of how everything is keybound this way. The first chunk is bound to 1 through =, the second chunk is bound to shift + 1 through = and so forth. Will post my G13 layout later now that is has been “finalized.”

I’ve tried the new Blizzard raid interface, which is surprisingly nice though limited in terms of how you can configure it. Though I think the real problem is that I have been using a certain raid bar configuration for around 5 years or so. I love the way Grid and Perfect raid look in regards to how clean they are, but they just feel way too foreign. So I just stuck with Pitbull’s raid module which is fine.


Things that I may change: I am thinking of moving ClassTimer below my player frame, given that there is enough space. The only UI element located in that spot is a narrow bar that displays whenever I am in a vehicle or whenever a pet is out (not relevant to my paladin obviously). The vehicle thing isn’t an issue, since I’m using the Blizzard default vehicle frame (BT4 hides when I hop in). It’s not going to work out for my hunter though, since that is where my kitty’s healthbar is located.

Apologies for not responding to any UI inquiry emails received within the last couple of months by the way. Busy, yada yada. If anyone is interested, I can post this compilation somewhere. Though beware, it’s really only tested and designed for WoW in windowed mode at 1920×1080.

Keiya’s UI Version 3.2


My UI goals this time around were more-or-less the same as any of my UI incarnations. First and foremost, I wanted to keep the center of my screen clear of all clutter, windows and bars. Other than the scrolling combat text on either side of the central box, there shouldn’t be a single thing obscuring my vision of the game. Per usual, any unused elements should automatically vanish or be hide-able when not in use. I strongly dislike layouts with the giant black bar of death across the entire lower third of the screen. It is not only a huge waste of space, but looks really weird when nothing is happening on screen.

4 sets of 12 buttons (48) is what I deemed minimally necessary to remain functional. I love my buttons and can’t really reduce it any further (previous UI versions had 6 sets). 3 of the bars are keybound to my n52te, the 4th being mostly used for random macros and stuff like that. There are two sets of 6 AutoBar buttons on either side of the Dominos bars. I didn’t like the little circular buttons in my previous setup so I moved them to the sides, making use of the wider screen.

  • Left set: Blessings, Auras, BoP, Raid Wall Macro, DI, LoH.
  • Right Set: Health Potions, Mana Potions, Healthstones, Crafting, Food Buffs, Water/Mage Food.


I’ve just conceded to the fact that my UI is probably never going to ever be clean and pretty looking mid-encounter no matter how hard I try. So this layout is as minimalistic as I could get it without sacrificing my precious windows and what have you. Actually, all I really did was shuffle a few mods around. It’s a necessary evil I guess, given that I am the raid leader and frequently a tank (I swear that some classes and roles have like, a total of 3 buttons on their screen and little else). Other than the focus frame and any pop-up range warning window from DBM, I think that this is probably the maximum level of crap that I would ever need to have on my screen at any given time.

I went back to the old school thick raid frames versus the skinny perfectraid style bars. Instead of being placed on the left edge of the screen, I have them shoved into the spot to the right of Dominos where Recount and Omen used to be. I am quite happy with this change; the 5 raid groups dock nicely into that spot, leaving the middle almost completely clear. I also moved the party and party target frames to this location.

Omen was moved front and center while recount was shoved in the corner. I wanted to do two things with this interface: one, make use of the gap between the player and target unitframes and two, drag Omen out of the corner into a more prominent position. So this takes care of both. And as far as recount goes, it’s happy over in the upper left corner. There’s really no reason, other than meterwhoring, why I need to or should have to stare at it during an active encounter. I’ve caught myself being a naughty retadin and Recount rubbernecking when I should have been looking for giant flaming balls of poo at my feet or something. 


I went with Dominos (successor to Bongos) instead of Bartender 4 to move all of the interface elements around. It’s a lot easier to keybind and configure, though feature wise I’m not sure if I see much of a difference. But then again, my bar interface needs aren’t really all that exotic. Fubar was replaced with ChocolateBar since it is no longer being updated. I also extended it to cover the entire length of the screen instead of being limited to the small box in my previous UI incarnation. eePanels2 was replaced with kgPanels for the same reason.

Oh: I finally jumped on the Deadly Boss Mods train. There was a point when BigWigs was nicer because of the now defunct WoW Ace Updater compatibility as well as several other things that I don’t remember. I think Big Wigs is still updated more often, but I find the DBM indicators and bars more useful. It’s also seems to be more up to date and complete for newer encounters. It has built in shield monitors for the twins as well as timers for Ony and several other things that were missing from Big Wigs.

To Do
I am not completely happy with how the combat text is layed out. All of the special warnings for all mods dump right into the center, turning it into a clusterfuck whenever something important happens. Visibility isn’t necessarily a bad thing I guess. Being in the center makes them easier to see so that I can react faster, but I could do without the redundancy.

I am also not satisfied with the buff/debuff appearance. I like having the square icons with the timers below them in the upper right hand corner (Elkano style mods bug me), but they are too large and need to extend further leftwards towards the center of the screen. I also need to filter the buffs; Anything that appears on ClassTimer doesn’t need to be up top. Blizzard is changing the default buff interface in 3.3 though so, I’ll see how that goes before searching for yet another addon.


  1. PitBull Unit Frames 4.0: PitBull 4 is quite a bit nicer than 3. It’s not too different in terms of features available, but the setup is much much nicer. Basically, it allows you to create layout templates to apply to different unit frames, versus having to individually chance the player frame then the target frame then the raid frames, etc.Dominos + ButtonFacade: Out of all the bar mods that I have tried, Dominos was the easiest to setup and keybind. Though really, either Dominos or Bartender will suffice. ButtonFacade skins your buttons (works with autobar and dominos).
  2. Autobar: Automatically sorts specific buttons. Eliminates the tedium of repeatedly dragging healthstones and mage water to your action bars. Also works for class stances, blessings, auras and stuff like that.
  3. Omen Threat Meter: I’m winning at threat!
  4. ClassTimer: I use this to track short term buffs, certain abilities and stuff like that.
  5. Deadly Boss Mods: Boss mod of my choice. Nicer in my opinion than BigWigs.
  6. oRA2: It’s like CTRA, but not ass (and has no raid frames). Facilitates tank frames, item checks, zone checks and stuff like that.
  7. Recount: Performance meter. If you go to the deaths screen and click on a name, it will tell you what happened to them. Fairly useful in evaluating performance and diagnosing problems (and epeen stroking. Stroke stroke stroke).
  8. PallyPower: The de facto mod for tracking paladin buffs. Makes blessing assignments a hundred times easier. ARGH, Jesus if you are a paladin just install it so that I don’t have to get up in your junk about what buffs you will do.
  9. SexyMap: Makes the map really swank. But more importantly, it will hide minimap icons. I hate having an excess of minimap icons.

Other Addons
Visible addons that aren’t numbered in the raid screenshot.

  1. kgPanels: The black panel behind Dominos.
  2. Prat 3.0: Chat box mod. Class hilighting, logging, timestamping, etc.Chocolate Bar and Friends: It’s a Fubar/Titan replacement. FuBar2Broker will allow you to use your old Fubar plugins with this mod.
    • FuBar2Broker
    • Broker_repair
    • Broker_Currency
    • ChocolateBar Broker Display
    • Volumizer
    • Broker_CPU Memory
    • FuBar_LootTypeFu
  1. MikScrollingBattleText: Scrolling combat text. It’s a bit lighter in weight than the other scrolling text mods. There was a very specific reason why I chose MSBT over Parrot, but I don’t recall what that reason was…
  2. TipTac: Displays a crapton of stuff on the tooltips
  3. Nameplates modifier: I like seeing percentage values on my nameplate health bars.
  4. OmniCC: Adds cooldown text to all of your buttons.

New Monitor and UI Rambling

KeiyaUI-WideRegarding my posts on PuG raid leading: On second thought, disregard any of the strategy explaining advice and just tell people to heed Mortigan the Lock’s rules on how to raid anything. WoW blog post of the week, I lol’d. But seriously, is it really that difficult for people to not stand in a fire?

I think I’ll make more of an effort to blog regularly; Regularly being defined as once a week-ish. So without further adieu. rambling time! AKA non-cohesive bits typed past midnight. All of my daily computer and WoW playing is done in a dual screen setup. It’s great for multitasking; I can raid and watch stupid YouTube videos at the same time! But lately my right monitor, which is a 4 or 5 year old 19″ LCD, has been slowly taking longer and longer to warm-up. It took 5 minutes at the beginning of last week, which was annoying but tolerable because I could just go make a cup of coffee and read something in the mean time. 15 minutes was pushing it and 1 hour meant a trip to the nerd goody store.

So anyway, I replaced it with a 24″. It’s not really that much bigger, but I’ve noticed a reasonable increase in environmental visibility, which helps with the aforementioned task of avoiding circles of fire and keeping an eye on where everyone else is positioned duringcertain encounters. I remember raiding on a setup like this, viewing the game through a small box in the center of the screen. That’s the cleaned up UI too, I ran with a few more items on my screen during our Molten Core phase.

Both monitors are in widescreen format, but for some reason the new monitor has a slightly different ratio. Just different enough to force me to reposition half of my user interface elements. I think it’s about time to redo some of my UI anyway; Primarily upgrading to Pitbull4 and finding a replacement forFubar since the project went perma -dead (I think No Stock UI has an article on that). I guess I’ll make another Keiya’s UI post at some point. I’m pretty happy with my general layout though, so I doubt I will change much.

Keiya’s UI version 3.1


Not much of a “redo” since it looks more or less the same as version 3.0 except for the smaller button grid and the unit frame change. I went with Pitbull because of its layout flexibility. X-Perl was becoming and eyesore with the plethora of windows that needed to be displayed.

I tried to compress all interface elements to the edges as much as possible, because I dislike having junk stay in the center of my screen. I also wanted any unused elements to fold or fade away when not in use so that I didn’t have a giant black bar of death obscuring precious screen real estate.

Class buffs, auras and oh shit spells are grouped and auto-barred on the top left round buttons so that I could keep all of the paladin blessings off of my bars (giant waste of space). Consumables, food buffs, mage food, tradeskills, quest items and stuff like that are autobarred on the opposite side.


The chat log will fade away after 30 seconds of no activity. The combat log, general chat and trade chat are tabbed. Recount and Omen are docked to the far right. recount visibility is hotkeyed on my G15 and Omen will automatically appear upon enter ring combat.

I like having my bajillion buttons and my combat information displayed, but I also appreciate clean interfaces and to some extent simplicity. So this layout is a compromise…I guess.(Addons listed below)

Keiya's UI 3.1 - Normal

Button grid

  • AutoBar: Automatically categorizes, sorts and displays frequently used items, spells, whatever. For example, I have a food buff button that will display all food items that give a buff upon mouseover. Easily configurable to suit your personal needs.
  • XPBarNone : Customizable experience bar (Specifically, the exact height and width. The X-Perl module is limiting). If you are at the level cap, it will display whatever faction you are working on.
  • Bartender4: Allows you to completely customize your action bars in almost every sense. Location, size, spacing, number of buttons, keybindings.
  • ButtonFacade: Allows you to skin actions bars. Compatible with Autobar and Bartender. Using this mod mainly to get the round buttons.
  • eePanels2: Allows you to create background panels to place UI elements on. The transparent gray rectangle under the center button chunk is an eePanel.
  • FuBar: The black bar on the bottom with my gold, the time, etc.
  • OmniCC: Displays ability cooldowns on all of your buttons.

Unit Frames and combat elements

  • Pitbull: My unit frame mod of choice. It’s one of the most customizable ones out there. I liked X-Perl, but it was very limiting in terms of appearance.
  • ClassTimer: I use this mod to keep track of any short term self casted/proc’d buffs on my player and target unit frames.
  • Quartz: A modular casting bar addon. Allows you to customize the appearance, size, and location of the cast bars.
  • MSBT: Scrolling combat text.

Other visible elements

  • Prat 3.0: Time stamping, class coloring of names, chat logging, etc. A highly customizable, modular chat mod.
  • SexyMap : Lets you change the way the minimap looks and functions (to some degree). It also auto-hides the minimap icons so that they are only visible upon a mouesover.
  • Omen: Threat meter.
  • PallyPower: Paladin buff manager. Allows you to assign buffs to any other paladin in the group with PallyPower, keeps track of Righteous Fury, etc.


  • ArkInventory: This is the mod that I use for inventory management, it will automatically sort all of your crap into categories based off of user set preferences. For example, I have a section for healing gear, a section for consumables, and a section for quest items, etc. It also allows for inventory searches. Some people hate it, some like it.
  • TipTac: Customizes the location and information shown on the tooltip.
  • Clique: Click casting. Example: I have Cleanse bound to my right mouse button and X-Perl set to highlight all dispellable debuffs. That way, all I have to do is right click on the raid and party portraits to cleanse, versus actually targeting them.
  • RatingBuster: Displays item levels and converts ratings into percentages for items on the tooltips. I used to manually convert stats in my head, on my everpresent graphing calculator, or on some spreadsheet. This mod makes it easier to evaluate items and stuff.

Raid tools

  • BigWigs: Boss mod. DBM or this one, take your pick if your guild hasn’t chosen one for you :P. BigWigs has an option that will flash the screen whenever something important happens to you during a boss encounter (certain debuffs, standing in bad shit, etc). A very useful option, though not a substitute for being attentive!
  • oRA2: Supports raid messages, displays main tanks, res monitor, resistance/durability checking, mass invites, zone checks and stuff like that.
  • XLoot: Replaces the default loot frame. Borders are color coded according to quality, BoE status is labeled more visibly. XLoot also has a one click option to announce drops to a chat channel of your choice (guild, raid shout, etc), which is handy since I am frequently the ML.

Status: Out For Delivery


Expect many WoW posts and very little of anything else for the next couple of months for obvious reasons. I need to remember to turn the music back on while leveling the new content. I’ve had it off for a long ass time and don’t want to miss the new soundtrack.

I cleared out Keiya’s inventory space, fixed her addons, added in the experience bar and parked her at Stormwind Harbor. If anyone else is looking for a good customizable experience bar mod, XPBarNone works very well (pic). Curse all of you people who got their game early and have no work/school. QQ me.

I finally respec’d both my hunter and my cat. I went with the cookie cutter 51/10/0 BM build. I am really liking the pet talent trees because it makes so much sense versus having to wander around taming random animals. I took the Beast Mastery talent after all for the extra skill points. I might tame a Core Hound or aDevilsaur at some point; I really want one but I honestly cannot stand the stomping sound.

One of the reasons why I am looking forward to Wrath of the Lich King is because of the Lore. The Burning Crusade was an absolute blast, but aside from Illidan and a few other things, it was a little out there in terms of the Warcraft continuum (spacegoats!). Anyway, I am going to take my time reading all of the quest text (especially since I wasn’t in beta and thus haven’t done any of them). I have a bad TL;DR habit.

Keiya’s UI: Post 3.0 Apocalypse Edition


Designed for 1650×1080 widescreen windowed. Ugh it took hours to reconfigure everything to my anal UI needs. I am using WowMatrix to update my mods since WoW Ace Updater has been discontinued (the Curse client is crap). My old interface had two button bars, each with 3 rows of 12 buttons (72 total). I downsized it a bit so that there is one button bar with 3 rows of 20 buttons (60 total).

Instead of having FuBar run the entire bottom length of my screen, I shrunk it down to match the width of my buttons. There are actually two FuBars: the other one spans the top and is only visible on mouse over. Any non-essential plugin has been moved up top.


The chat log will automatically fade after 30 seconds of no activity. The combat log is tabbed; I used to have it on the right side of my buttons, but since I have SCT setup to display everything that I would need to stare at in combat, there’s no use having it permanently visible. Instead, Omen and Recount are located on the far right. Recount is hot-keyed and Omen automatically pops-up in combat.

My raid UI is still messy, but what can you do? I’m not willing to sacrifice visibility for minimalism. I need to move the MT target list somewhere else. I am still missing BigBrother, which hasn’t been updated in 3 weeks and Cartographer, which wasn’t functioning well the last time I had checked. Here is a full list:

Bar mods

  • AutoBar: The upper right set of circular buttons are from AutoBar. This mod automatically sorts and displays things like consumables, oils, etc. For example, I have an AutoBar button for food consumables. When I mouse over it, all food items will be displayed. That way, I don’t have to place them all on my bars.
  • Bartender4: Allows you to completely customize your action bars in almost every sense. Location, size, spacing, number of buttons, keybindings, whatever.
  • ButtonFacade: Using this to replace CyCircled. Allows you to customize the appearance of your action bars. Compatible with Bartender4, AutoBar, and a bunch of other things.
  • eePanels2: Allows you to create background panels to place UI elements on. The transparent gray rectangle under the center button chunk is an eePanel.

Visible functionality mods

  • FuBar: The black bar on the bottom with my gold, the time, etc.
  • Quartz: A modular casting bar addon. Allows you to customize the appearance, size, and location of the cast bars.
  • TipTac: Using this to replace TinyTip. Allows you to customize the tooltips.
  • X-Perl Unit Frames: My unitframe mod of choice. This is being used for the player, target, party, and raid frames.
  • ClassTimer: The timers above the player and target nameplates on the raid screenshot are from this mod. ClassTimer tracks all of the buffs that I cast on myself as well as debuffs on my target. It makes it easier to keep track of when I need to recast a seal or rejudge an enemy.
  • Recount: Damage, healing and performance meter. I’ve tried most of them and Recount, in my opinion is the most comprehensive and easy to use. It does though require more resources than most other mods…
  • Omen: Threat meter.


  • ArkInventory: This is the mod that I use for inventory management, it will automatically sort all of your crap into categories based off of user set preferences. For example, I have a section for healing gear, a section for consumables, and a section for quest items, etc. It also allows for inventory searches. Some people hate it, some like it.
  • Clique: Click casting. Example: I have Cleanse bound to my right mouse button and X-Perl set to highlight all dispellable debuffs. That way, all I have to do is right click on the raid and party portraits to cleanse, versus actually targeting them.

Raid tools

  • PallyPower: Paladin buff manager. This mod also allows you to assign buffs to other paladins in the raid who have PallyPower.
  • oRA2: I’m not happy with the way the main tank targets are being displayed, but since I can’t get the oRA2 configuration menu to display, I can’t change anything.

Keiya’s UI


I browsed through many of the compilations at various UI sites but couldn’t find a good clean UI designed for widescreen monitors that suited my tastes (I’m unreasonably picky about certain things). So, I made my own and tinkering with it has been the object of my obsession for the past 2 days. I was going to jump on the, “100% Ace2” bandwagon, but ultimately I only really cared if a mod worked and suited my needs, rather than the piece of code it was based on/memory usage.

Other than relocating the targeting frames to the bottom of the screen, most of the layout isn’t all that different from the Blizzard default. Mostly, I just wanted to shrink the buttons down so that I could fit the chat and combat logs on either side. I liked the 2-column action bar layout, so I kept it that way and added a few extra rows of buttons. The logs are relatively tall, because I chat a lot and like them that way.

The stance bars are the circular buttons located on the top-left side of the action bar chunk; The pet bars are located directly above> Also added an additional set of unbound circular buttons docked to the top-right side of the action bars chunk. This is where I keep my potions, consumables, flasks, bandages, etc.

A lot of people like extremely simplistic targeting frames, but I don’t. The class icons, percentages, and numeric shit is useful for my healing purposes. Switched over from CTRaid to oRA2 + Perfect raid (sorted by group along the left side of the screen in one column, don’t have a good raid screenshot at the moment). The party frames are hidden and replaced with the PerfectRaid frames when in a raid group.

I tried both ag_UnitFrames and Pitbull but didn’t like either, so I stuck with Perl Classic. I had Elk’s BuffBar in the other screenshot, but disliked it (too big, among other things) and reverted back to the Blizzard default. It’s all fun and games until patch day arrives.