Keiya’s UI: Post 3.0 Apocalypse Edition


Designed for 1650×1080 widescreen windowed. Ugh it took hours to reconfigure everything to my anal UI needs. I am using WowMatrix to update my mods since WoW Ace Updater has been discontinued (the Curse client is crap). My old interface had two button bars, each with 3 rows of 12 buttons (72 total). I downsized it a bit so that there is one button bar with 3 rows of 20 buttons (60 total).

Instead of having FuBar run the entire bottom length of my screen, I shrunk it down to match the width of my buttons. There are actually two FuBars: the other one spans the top and is only visible on mouse over. Any non-essential plugin has been moved up top.


The chat log will automatically fade after 30 seconds of no activity. The combat log is tabbed; I used to have it on the right side of my buttons, but since I have SCT setup to display everything that I would need to stare at in combat, there’s no use having it permanently visible. Instead, Omen and Recount are located on the far right. Recount is hot-keyed and Omen automatically pops-up in combat.

My raid UI is still messy, but what can you do? I’m not willing to sacrifice visibility for minimalism. I need to move the MT target list somewhere else. I am still missing BigBrother, which hasn’t been updated in 3 weeks and Cartographer, which wasn’t functioning well the last time I had checked. Here is a full list:

Bar mods

    • AutoBar: The upper right set of circular buttons are from AutoBar. This mod automatically sorts and displays things like consumables, oils, etc. For example, I have an AutoBar button for food consumables. When I mouse over it, all food items will be displayed. That way, I don’t have to place them all on my bars.
    • Bartender4: Allows you to completely customize your action bars in almost every sense. Location, size, spacing, number of buttons, keybindings, whatever.
    • ButtonFacade: Using this to replace CyCircled. Allows you to customize the appearance of your action bars. Compatible with Bartender4, AutoBar, and a bunch of other things.
    • eePanels2: Allows you to create background panels to place UI elements on. The transparent gray rectangle under the center button chunk is an eePanel.

Visible functionality mods

    • FuBar: The black bar on the bottom with my gold, the time, etc.
    • Quartz: A modular casting bar addon. Allows you to customize the appearance, size, and location of the cast bars.
    • TipTac: Using this to replace TinyTip. Allows you to customize the tooltips.
    • X-Perl Unit Frames: My unitframe mod of choice. This is being used for the player, target, party, and raid frames.
    • ClassTimer: The timers above the player and target nameplates on the raid screenshot are from this mod. ClassTimer tracks all of the buffs that I cast on myself as well as debuffs on my target. It makes it easier to keep track of when I need to recast a seal or rejudge an enemy.
    • Recount: Damage, healing and performance meter. I’ve tried most of them and Recount, in my opinion is the most comprehensive and easy to use. It does though require more resources than most other mods…
    • Omen: Threat meter.


    • ArkInventory: This is the mod that I use for inventory management, it will automatically sort all of your crap into categories based off of user set preferences. For example, I have a section for healing gear, a section for consumables, and a section for quest items, etc. It also allows for inventory searches. Some people hate it, some like it.
    • Clique: Click casting. Example: I have Cleanse bound to my right mouse button and X-Perl set to highlight all dispellable debuffs. That way, all I have to do is right click on the raid and party portraits to cleanse, versus actually targeting them.

Raid tools

    • PallyPower: Paladin buff manager. This mod also allows you to assign buffs to other paladins in the raid who have PallyPower.
    • oRA2: I’m not happy with the way the main tank targets are being displayed, but since I can’t get the oRA2 configuration menu to display, I can’t change anything.

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