Retribution Gear: 3.0.2 Update

KeiyaRet This sucks, all of my mods broke. ALL of them (Outfitter and bartender retained their settings luckily). Anyway, since we were all given a free respec on Tuesday, I went 0/5/56 Retribution. That is to my understanding, the standard retribution spec for 3.0.2 give or take 1 or 2 points. I need to enjoy being retribution while it’s still imba (all of the talents are balanced to 80, not 70) and before/if it gets nerfed into the ground.

I was doing my dailies on belf island and made a point of ganking every single flagged horde (not in guard range) that caught my eye. Do you know how long it has been since I have been able to flat out gank someone? A shadow priest and a rogue died; they each died in like, 5 seconds flat. I can pretty much kill almost anybody within the time frame of one stun, as well as heal myself for a 4k average non-crit Holy Light. I almost never go OOM to boot. I wonder if that is OP….lol

This is my updated retribution have and need list. None of my shit is gemmed or chanted. I have a shitton of Dawnstones, but zero others. I’m going to be cheap and socket greens for the red and blue slots; Little point in spending hundreds of gold on gems for crap retribution gear at this point in the game. If the socket bonus strength, I went ahead and gemmed for the bonus. Otherwise, I just straight up red gemmed most everything else.

Items That I Have

The green items are pieces that I have equipped in the armory now. The yellow items are pieces that are in the bank. Last night I was being lazy and used the Outfitter gear optimizer for strength to build my gearset (my bank is such a trash hole now, I can’t find anything).

Need to Pickup
The orange items I effectively have and just need to swap tokens for (T4 tokens, rep, etc). The red items are pieces that I need to buy with badges. I have 209 badges to spend: 60*3 + 20 = 200. 9 badges leftover.

I have my shopping list ready for tonight, lol…

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