[FFRK] Bahamut’s Lair (U+)

Decided to experiment with AirServer + OBS Studio and record the entire encounter. Bahamut wasn’t nearly as bad as U+ Cagnazzo (…in which I pretty much ran out of every single ability and barely scraped by with a mastery). Having literally zero Final Fantasy III synergy hurts though.

[wpdatatable id=11] Roaming Warrior: Lenna (Princess’ Favor)
Notable Soul Breaks: Blade Beam, Air Strike, Shout, Tailwind, Sentinel’s Grimoire, Dreamstage

Two re-dos of this fight were required: The first because I had forgotten to swap out Thundaga Strike with Aerora Strike and the second because I had forgotten to equip Power Breakdown. Aside from that, it was a straightforward encounter. Bahamut hits pretty hard with both physical as well as magical damage even with full mitigation up, but it is manageable as long as you recast Wall/Shellga/etc before it completely drops off. The first half of the fight is physical AoE damage for the most part. I couldn’t fit Protectga into my party configuration but Power Breakdown mitigated enough of the damage to make it survivable. Dreamstage + Air Strike during the second half of the fight = MVP.

I probably should have equipped a damage RM over Ace Striker on Cloud since Aerora Strike was hitting pretty high with Shout, but not at the damage cap. Also, I ended up accidentally fat finger casting Tailwind instead of Shout about half-way through the fight, which cut my damage by quite a bit :3.

Operation Black Shield 2014 [Airsoft Video]

From Operation Black Shield at SC Village on Saturday July 19th, 2014. My gun is on 3 round burst, not full auto. For most of the first game (in the video), the weather was overcast and cool, which was great, especially since I was expecting it to be at least in the high 90s. Unfortunately, it was fairly humid making the weather ideal for goggle fogging. Until the sun came out or unless I was facing a breeze, I couldn’t really see a whole lot. I guess it’s time to buy some anti-fog wipes.

The game itself was a blast. We had originally signed up on the US side (tan), but were moved over to the other team as equalizers. Despite being grossly outnumbered we effectively, shut them out (for the first 3 games iirc).

Diablo 3: Monk Tempest Rush Farming

As depicted in the video above (torment 1), I have been tinkering with a Tempest Rush farming build. Running around constantly is a much more gratifying experience than my previous style of play which was effectively, staying in one spot, occasionally moving out of poop, and tapping a few buttons. However also as depicted in the video above, I am not quite geared properly for this build so it’s not really as efficient as it really could be to say the least. Bottom line: Yay, even more rerolling already rerolled stats. Yay more material farming.

Getting stunned into place is pretty much death. So, gingerly avoiding being on the business side of certain mobs is rather important but luckily not too difficult given that most hard hitters and stunners telegraph their abilities by a fair bit. I may replace one of my passives for Chant of Resonance so that I can keep Mantra of Conviction up. Once I get another piece of gear with spirit regen I can probably swap out exalted soul for something else.

Airsoft: 2/23/2014 “Lady of the Lake”

Once again, finally getting around to picking through, editing, and uploading the GoPro videos; This one is from our host day last month. We just happened to have Medieval Times crowns and a large plastic sword and therefor felt compelled to use them as game props.

Hangar Gamplay From ITS (6/29/13)

The video project file for the June ITS game literally sat on my desktop, finished but unencoded for over two months. Whoops. Anyway, this is footage from the new area that was opened up during the June ITS event. Unfortunately, my GoPro was pointed towards the floor for most of the day.

11/10/12: Integrity Tactical Solutions Airsoft Event

Integrity Tactical Solutions hosted another awesome airsoft event at Strategic Operations on the 10th of this last month, in which Dave and I yet again had the pleasure of attending. A total of 6 games (4 scenarios) were played out during the duration of the event: Capture and place the flag to establish a base, breaching (green attack & tan defend), breaching game 2 (tan attack & green defend), find the light box game 1, find the light box game 2 and attack/defend (didn’t attend the last game).


My obvious favorite being the breaching scenario; The goal of which was the breach into a specific location by chainsawing down a plywood door to rescue a 200lb dummy. By the way: The chainsawing was well supervised and operating by the STOPS staff for both breaching games (as in, safely). The teams overall, felt like they were more evenly balanced this time around. Big props to game control for keeping everything fair and fun.


We were better prepared for the evening games this time around, not wearing shaded goggles and having flashlights and all (not included on the video because the GoPro ran out of juice before the action began in the shoot house). Oh also, Airsoft GI recently posted their footage recently. There’s a pretty good shot of me fucking with my magazines about half way in.

ITS Airsoft Event at Strategic Operations

Dave and I had the pleasure of attending Integrity Tactical Solutions‘ inaugural game at Strategic Operations a few weeks ago on the 22nd of September. It was $65 for an all day event + lunch (1pm to 9pm) at the STOPS training facility in San Diego. The price point seems a little steep but really, it’s not bad for all day play on such an excellent field (with pyrotechnics!) I am used to casual pick-up games at Mr. Paintball so being a apart of an event where just about everyone is geared out and uniformed appropriately (alpha = green, bravo = tan) was pretty sweet.

This event was so much fun. The music, the pyrotechnics and the detailed field really added to the experience. There were a few communication issues regarding game rules and the respawn locations probably should have been better clarified. But overall, good times; We are definitely planning on attending their next event in November. Videos below:

Kind of got lazy with the second video and just stitched a couple of clips together from the rest of my footage.

Video: Airsoft 7/28/3012

So airsoft is my new favorite outdoor hobby. Dave, who has been doing this for a few years introduced me to it about 5 or 6 months ago. We go to Mr. Paintball once or twice a month, schedule pending; It’s not super close to us, but it’s a great field to play on. This video is a compilation of about 3 or 4 matches in the CQB area:

The footage from the field matches we played earlier in the day didn’t turn out so well. Apparently I wander around and stare at the ground a lot. I shot this video before I mounted the GoPro on the helmet mentioned in the previous post (headband would slip occasionally). Too lazy to edit it more or clip out the not so interesting bits in which all I do is repeatedly hide behind a box (i.e. most of the footage).

Unfortunately, since this was shot towards the end of the day the GoPro ran out of juice. Blurry parts on the top-left of the screen were from me touching the lense while dicking around with the camera. The random strands flying across the screen would be hair.

D3: Act I Solo Inferno Videos

Can anyone guess what we have been doing lately? During every single non-work moment? I don’t think my third hard drive likes me anymore or something, as the recording framerate seems to drop (in game performance is fine, videos are just choppy). Oh well, whatever. I didn’t find Act I to be particularly challenging, save for a few special mob combinations (screw vortex, molten, arcane enchanted, illusionist groups lol).

Act II on the other hand is such a huge jump in difficulty. I can trudge through it, but it would be quite nice not to get gang banged by every special pack of mobs. The thing that sucks about it is that, I am pretty sure that the gear that I really need, which would be about twice the resistance that I currently have, drops in Act II and Act III inferno. That, or I just have horrid drop luck (also pretty sure that this is true).

Skyrim: Dragon vs Draugr

Just clearing out, encoding, and uploading some of the videos that I have laying around in my FRAPS folder. If I recall correctly, this video was recorded at some point during Skyrim’s launch day. I don’t remember exactly what level I was at, but that draugr was way way hard. Conveniently, a dragon happened to spawn nearby. Ignore the inane running around and faffing about; This video is the clipped version. It took absolutely forever to bait the dragon over.