11/10/12: Integrity Tactical Solutions Airsoft Event

Integrity Tactical Solutions hosted another awesome airsoft event at Strategic Operations on the 10th of this last month, in which Dave and I yet again had the pleasure of attending. A total of 6 games (4 scenarios) were played out during the duration of the event: Capture and place the flag to establish a base, breaching (green attack & tan defend), breaching game 2 (tan attack & green defend), find the light box game 1, find the light box game 2 and attack/defend (didn’t attend the last game).


My obvious favorite being the breaching scenario; The goal of which was the breach into a specific location by chainsawing down a plywood door to rescue a 200lb dummy. By the way: The chainsawing was well supervised and operating by the STOPS staff for both breaching games (as in, safely). The teams overall, felt like they were more evenly balanced this time around. Big props to game control for keeping everything fair and fun.


We were better prepared for the evening games this time around, not wearing shaded goggles and having flashlights and all (not included on the video because the GoPro ran out of juice before the action began in the shoot house). Oh also, Airsoft GI recently posted their footage recently. There’s a pretty good shot of me fucking with my magazines about half way in.

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