A is for Apathy

It has been a slow couple of weeks in general, gaming wise. There’s not really a whole lot to write about until the patch/expansion comes out and the non-WoW games that I am waiting for are released. Speaking of patches, popular rumor is that it’s coming out tomorrow (has it been confirmed? I’ve been too busy to track that).

We Finally got the bear mount out of the fourth chest in Zul’Aman. It’s too bad that we don’t have any time to farm them for everybody. In fact, tonight is most likely our last chance. Since we are all getting a free respec, I’m thinking that it might be lolret time, hells yeah! Meh, at least until I am needed to respec back into protection again. I am itching to play with my ret set, which still needs to be chanted and gemmed. Details details…

Did I mention exactly how much I am looking forward to having bag space again?

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