WoW Update: 9/22/2008


Small update; Been busy. Oh hey, I had completely missed the fact that Brewfest started over the weekend (September 20th through October 4th). Every inch of my soul loathes Blackrock Depths, but there’s a seasonal boss there that drops things so I might get in on some instance farming and do that, if other people are available.

  • We were four minutes off from getting the fourth chest in Zul’Aman last week. So close! Someone will get the bear mount next week, before it falls off of the face of Azeroth! Oh, I also finally got Mojo, the much coveted pet frog after around 50 Hex Sticks…
  • I pre-ordered my Wrath of the Lich King Collector’s Edition off of Amazon first thing Tuesday morning. I think both Gamestop and Amazon have stopped pre-orders on it. I need to find room to place all of these ginormous game boxes.
  • Let’s recap my pre-expansion check list: [✓] Level Doombeard to 70, [✓] Get Mojo before ZA goes out of style,  [  ] Skill mining to 375: Almost, [  ] 5k gold: err…
  • PopCap + WoW = This. Hah, I am so installing this addon.
  • Still undecided on what to do with my badges. I am leaning towards throwing caution to the wind and blowing them all on shiny DPS gear, knowing that it may very well be replaced with the first green drop that I encounter….

I think I’ll download the test client and try out a few builds on the PTRs this week.

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