WTB Kodo

I’ve been farming Coren with guild members for the Kodo mount nightly with no such luck (for anyone). WTB KODO GODDAMMIT. On the other hand, I scooped up that tanking trinket and that DPS trinket (both equivalent to the badge items). I can cross the AP trinket off of the list ofret things that I want pre-expansion. You know, my hunter needs that too. I should take him in for free epics.

In order to get the Brewmaster title, there are nine achievements that need to be completed. Unfortunately though, five of them are only doable during Brewfest. Since the achievements aren’t on live yet, they will have to wait until next year. These are the achievements that can be done, or at least started.

  • Direbrewfest: Kill Coren Direbrew. Get a group, go to BRD, use the weird thing to the right when you zone in to port to Coren. You can grab the quest in the instance.
  • Disturbing the Peace: While wearing 3 pieces of Brewfest clothing, get completely smashed and dance in Dalaran. The Brewfest items are purchasable with tokens.
  • Have Keg, Will Travel: Obtain a brewfest mount. If you didn’t get the mount last year, good f’in luck getting one to drop off of Coren 🙁
  • Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?: Obtain a Wolpertinger pet. If you didn’t get one from last year, they are purchasable at the festival for 45 silver.
  • Brew of the Year: Sample 12 beers featured in the Brew of the Month club. The brew of month club membership form is purchasable for 200 Brewfest tokens.

Oh, the Brewfest hats by the way are one of the only hats wearable by extremely low level characters. If I recall correctly, they don’t have level restrictions. Nothing says “banker” like a level 1 pimped out near the mailbox in every vanity item possible.

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