WoW Update 4/29/2008

It’s been a good month for guild progression. After kind of a lull in 25-man progression, we are coming into our stride and downing bosses at a good place. Having a fairly consistent team of raiders helps immensely. I spent a fortune chanting and gemming my new tanking gear and my healing set. I replaced half of it within the past month or so but never bothered gemming or chanting it properly.

Oh, Zul’Aman is finally on clear; we blasted through the entire instance last Wednesday and got our first full clear. Zul’jin died on the 3rd try (2% on the first attempt lol). In the middle of phase 3 we collectively realized that no one knew what the hell to do for phases 4 and 5. So there we were mid-fight, fast as hell googling strats and reading off of WoWWiki on vent, LOL.

I got the Battleworn Tuskguard off of Malacrass to replace my Tier-4 helm and another 2-hander toy off of ZJ to play with/dump in the bank. We were a couple minutes off from making the 3rd chest, close!

The HMgT tanking trinket apparently only drops when I am not in the run /boo.

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