Happy umm June! I had five or so half-completed entries milling on Google Docs for two months. By the time I got around to editing and reviewing them, all were out of date/irrelevant; Meh. Gaming stuff:

  • I updated the guild site/forums. Note to self: Update the homepage recruitment, kills, etc.
  • Bought a Playstation 3, GTA IV, and HDMI/DVI adapter the other week and have spent every free moment fawning over it.
  • Speaking of PS3 games, Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out soon. I should really wait until I beat GTA IV before buying it, but we’ll see how temptation goes. My gaming life follows this pattern: Buy a game, half-complete it, buy another game, ignore game one. Consequently, I have a stack of unfinished games. Though, most of them are left unfinished because they sucked or were a giant waste of time (*cough FFXII*).

Workspace obsession
My living space is becoming a dump. I’m on a small quest again to organize it but I cannot find office furniture that fits my exact needs dimension wise. Everything is either too wide, too tall, or does not match. I want a relatively narrow drawer/filing unit. No wider than 12″ & no taller than 27″.

This one from the wonderful world of Ikea might work. I very badly need more storage space to organize guitar cables, charging cables, USB cables…Everything at the moment is on the floor.

Other things/WoW

  • I am bent on learning how to play every single tune from Mega Man II on the guitar. I tabbed around half of the Wily Castle theme, but got lazy and just googled the rest.
  • A guild member pointed out this site. Handy quick gear check/reference /App vetting tool.
  • I have a growing stack of badges and nothing to buy for my tanking set. I should just blow them all on Emp Saph’s and epic gem out the rest of my slots. There’s not a whole lot of gear that I’m going to be upgrading any time soon (until Hyjal).

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