Ugly Healing Gear and Jan’alai

Soaked up a few pieces for my offhealing set: [Spaulders of the Advocate] off of Halazzi and [Mojo-mender’s Mask] off of Akil’zon. I am not honestly sure what either is supposed to be, the shoulders look like, as a guildy put it, “crap glued together” lol.

Got Jan’alai down in Zul’Aman. There are two important factors to the fight: Egg popping and bomb dodging (bombs are easy as shit to dodge). The boss is on a platform with a two separate platforms off to the East and West side, each platform containing a number of eggs. Every 45 seconds or so 2 trolls will spawn, each will head to a platform and begin popping eggs. When the eggs pop dragonhawks will spawn.

Every time the trolls spawn you want to allow a certain amount of eggs to pop because when Jan’alai reaches 35%, ALL of the eggs will pop at once. We kind of brute forced it: When he was at around 55%, we accidentally let ALL of the remaining eggs pop, so about 20 or so dragonhawks were free. Nuked them down and nuked the boss. If all of the eggs are popped, Jan’alai enrages. Compared to the damage output of say, Halazzi, it’s pretty weak. Pew pew.

Jan’alai drops a really nice shield that I want. Getting a graphic update too! It currently shares the same graphic as the Hakkar shield, which is kind of ugly…

I finally finished off my cooking to 374 and acquired the Fish Tracking spell (new in patch 2.3). Just an FYI: You get the spell from the Weather-Bean Journal, which can be found in any of the crates that you fish. The easiest way to get it, by far, is to look for the Steam Pump Floatsam in Zangarmarsh. Fly around the edges of the lakes/lagoons, look for piles of floating crap, fish in them. Took me a half hour. Fish tracking by the way, makes it 10x easier to farm crawdads.

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