More Cowbell

I have new computer toys: An EVGA 512MB 8800gt Superclocked video card and a PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750w PSU. Crysis runs smoothly with 4x AA and all of the settings on high at 1280×960. Every other non-Crysis game runs smoothly my preferred resolution, 1680×1050 with all of the settings maxed out. Not pushing as many FPS as I could because my processor is a bit of a bottleneck, but meh (I am tempted to upgrade to a quad core, bad Keiya no more computer parts).

The temperature issue: The card runs hot because the stock fan doesn’t spin up fast enough, EVGA has (supposedly) fixed this in a BIOS update. Alternatively, you can just tweak the fanspeed thresholds in RivaTuner to have it spin up faster at certain temperatures. There is a good illustrated step-by-step guide here and here.

Busy lately, no time to post. I’ll try to write a few posts to address the email questions that I have been blowing off /apologize.

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