Zul’Aman: Halazzi Strategy

Halazzi is more or less a, “tank n’ spank gear check add fight”. Have your off-tank pickup the Spirit of Halazzi immediately, have your melee DPS focus on taking down the totems as soon as they pop, and have healers keep both tanks topped off because Halazzi does major damage.

Tanks: Halazzi’s most annoying ability is Saberlash, an 18k cleave that splits between 2 people (not unlike Nalorakk’s Brutal Swipe). Both tanks need to stand on top of each other for the entire fight. At 75% and 50% HP, he will split into two: Halazzi and Spirit of Halazzi (kitty cat). You need to pick up the Spirit ASAP, without moving off of the MT (soaking a full Saberlash = insta-wipe). Halazzi does not crush.

DPS: Totems will spawn throughout the fight. All melee DPS must take these down in seconds, they kill. The totems will spawn more frequently after Halazzi hits 25% health. When he splits, ignore the add. Hunters can tranq shot off frenzy.

Healers: Keep the tanks alive, it’s not unreasonable to need 3 or 4 dedicated healers. The MT will take a ALOT of burst damage.

Tankadin note: Halazzi has a very fast attack speed, it’s not uncommon for your TPS to break a steady 1k or so! The screenshot (which is sort of large, didn’t shrink it down…) has my updated UI, I’ll make a separate post about that at some point.

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