WoW Update: 1/14/2008

The forums have changed yet again. Toying with new software.

I’ve picked up quiet a few items since the last time I’ve posted: The Pauldons of Stone Resolve from the timed chest event in Zul’Aman, the tanking boots from the first boss in ZA, the badge reward tanking coal, the badge reward tanking belt (not the spell one), tons of ZA crit gear, and the healing mace from Maiden in KZ. I’m at around 15277 HP unbuffed; Just need to chant my healing crap now (boo, expensive).

Observations: I’ve pretty much outgeared all of Karazhan. I’ve been having to swap into spell damage gear on most of the fights otherwise I go out of mana too fast (which is fine with me pew pew pew). Also noticing that tankadins are especially nice on some of the fast attacking ZA boss encounters because of Improved Holy Shield’s 8 charges. I think Shield Wall is being proc’d off too fast on some of the warriors, who are getting crushed.

Oh, the mini-patch added a neat feature: When you perform a readycheck, marks will appear next to the names in the raid screen showing who is ready and who is AFK. Some of the custom UI’s have integrated this feature as well. That is super duper handy.

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