Smiling Jim

I will finish Final Fantasy XIII….eventually but it’s not really a gaming priority at the moment to say the least. A have a semi-review post circling around in my half-complete pile, but my priorities are elsewhere.

Anyway, I spent a huge chunk of Sunday getting back into the Loremaster grind because I kind of want to complete that achievement before uuuh the next expansion pack lol. EveryQuest + Quest Helper + Tom Tom = cheap, but fast as hell questing. I ground out around a hundred or so; So that leaves me at around 40 to 50 away from completing Kalimdor. After I complete Kalimdor, all I need to do is polish off a handful of things from the Outlands, which should be cake.

The majority of my questing was done in Dustwallow Marsh, a zone that I apparently skipped (could have sworn that I had completed most of it; Must have been on my hunter). I recall passing by Smiling Jim quite often before Vanilla WoW Onyxia raids. I just figured that he was some random NPC, placed in Theramore for comedic value, never realizing that he actually had a back story and a pretty well done quest chain. The poor guy 🙁

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