iPhone OS 4.0 Predictions and Wishes

I totally caved into a huge itch and switched over to AT&T recently for the sake of getting an iPhone. It has since been the object of my tech obsession. My predictions and wishes for tomorrow’s iPhone OS 4.0 announcement.

  1. Multitasking for non Apple produced applications. I want to be able to text AND still listen to Pandora.
  2. A new UI doodad: Hopefully in the form of a homescreen enhancement. I keep my phone sync’d with my Google calendar. I would love a summary of the day’s appointments on the homescreen along with any mail and message notifications.
  3. Pseudo file management through iTunes (like how the iPad does it)
  4. The ability to change the background. iPad does it right? It’s my God given right to have the ability to use my own ugly ass background without having to jailbreak my phone 😛
  5. (Maybe) The ability to remove certain first party applications so that I don’t have to shove them all onto the last app page and pretend that they don’t exist when in reality it bothers me that they are there.
  6. (Maybe) Software rotation lock….at least in Safari so that I can surf in bed in a non-awkward manner.
  7. (Probably not) Some form of over the air syncing
  8. (Probably not) A unified native chat client for both text messaging and services like GTalk and AIM.
  9. A pony?

If Apple doesn’t at least announce multi-tasking the entire internet is going to cry foul. It has been the number one speculation on every single tech site and blog for months on end. Actually to be honest, I can’t think of too many things that I really would want to multi-task with other than services like Pandora. Please can we have some sort of rotation lock in Safari? I surf and read things in bed; Playing the tilting game is fucking annoying.

Oh also: I don’t know/think that any phone actually does this, but I have always wanted the ability to customize the phone vibration. For example, 1 short pulse for text messages and 2 short pulses for something else.

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