iPhone OS 4.0: Results

Q: Are there any plans for you to run unsigned applications, like on Android?
A: There is a porn store for Android to go to. You can download them, your kids can download them. That’s a place we don’t want to go. We’re not going to go there.

You know, I laughed at loud when I read that question off of Engadget today, causing a coworker to look at me inquisitively. But really, if you want porn on your iPhone there’s really nothing stopping you from acquiring it some other way. Seriously, who goes to the app store to find porn?

I am actually fairly satisfied with the 4.0 announcement. Multitasking was announce as predicted; From what I under stand, instead of being a battery raping free-for-all, it works by pausing the app completely except for specific services like say, the ability to play music. No home screen widgets though is sort of a bummer. I was kind of hoping for that one, but whatever.

I still cann’t remove first party apps but honestly, the only reason why I ever wanted to do that was to reduce home screen clutter. The folders are a more elegant solution for people who have massive amounts of applications. Just because I don’t use the stock app or the compass doesn’t mean that it should just vanish I guess. Stashing it away is more than sufficient.

Oh, forgot to list these on the other post. I whinge about the iPhone platform not having them from time to time in WoW, over Gtalk or whatever. I didn’t really expect Apple to implement them, yay!

  • Game Center: It’s a petty wish I know, given that it’s mostly for epeening achievements ala XBox Live. There are several existing services that do something similar with achievements, friend matching for mutiplayer, profiles and what not such as Open Feint, but there really isn’t any unified place to do that sort of thing and it feels silly.
  • Bluetooth keyboard support: I’ve gotten used to the touch screen keyboard, but it’s still not nearly as fast as just typing on a normal keyboard. Also, a keyboard would allow me to edit blog posts and lengthy documents on the go.
  • Playlist creation within the iPhone OS: Oh snap I didn’t think that they would ever add this feature in reasonable time. I like creating playlists of songs that I like, select songs from certain genres and whatever. It’s irritating not being able to do that on my phone and having to wait until I get home so that I can play with iTunes.

…I have to wait until this summer though. Ignore the shittacular editing, it’s late.

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