Multi-Tasking in Games

I really liked this article because it’s true and brings up a gaming element that is often overlooked. They’re right, of any “modern” game that I’ve played (and remember…), World ofWarcraft is alt-tabbing perfection, it tasks in and out instantaneously.

One of the PC’s greatest strengths is its versatility. It’s a shame that more games don’t multi-task well. Many titles will tab out quickly but not many will tab back in without lagging, crashing or bugging out. All source games as mentioned in the article take forever to get back into. The Sims 2 takes a good 15 to 30 seconds to load back into at full screen. To circumvent the lag, I play it in windowed mode. The catch is that you can only play it at a maximum resolution of 800×600 windowed, what the fuck is that?

I love the “maximized windowing” feature in WoW, I wish all games had that. It offers every single advantage of running a game in windowed mode but with no borders and no taskbar. It will maximize to fill the entire screen. The options in WoW are also easily accessible. No configuration file editing and no hidden commands.

Also, I like it when games (mostly strategy games) allow you to choose between edge scrolling and click dragging. The reason being that I have a dual monitor setup. If I run a game in windowed mode (which Iusually will), edge scrolling doesn’t work very because the mouse doesn’t lock into the game window.

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