5 Random Things

I really like the way the Keeley modified DS-1 sounds in comparison to the stock pedal, which is what I have. There is an option on Robert Keeley’s website to mail your pedal in to get it modded, but that costs $75, not including shipping (stock pedal costs around $35 retail). The exact instructions are posted online though. So, as I can find a place to buy specific capacitors/resistors, it in theory, shouldn’t be that hard assuming that I remember how to solder without setting my hand or other objects on fire.

5 ass-random things that have occurred or I have thought about within the past couple of days:

  1. Hah, I knew it. Blizzard is going to release a pre-expansion patch. I wonder if they are doing this to make the expansion release smoother, to cocktease, and/or because they are planning on delaying it. In any case, woot!
  2. I had a dream about yellow sticky notes the other night. In the dream, when I came into work one morning, someone had left a mountain of sticky notes on my desk. That was it, nothing else.
  3. I have an urge to play Neverwinter Nights again. By again, I mean past the first chapter. I bought it for dirt cheap a year or two ago, started the single player campaign, got distracted (*cough* WoW) and permanently set it down. I am really fickle about what I am in the mood to play. Is it wrong to torrent a game that you own because the CD’s are most likely stuffed in a box somewhere?
  4. Large fan related forums of any sort solely dedicated to any one group or thing are bad for you. Large being defined as having an active poster base smaller than the low hundreds. Good lord and I thought that I needed to get off the interwebs more…
  5. My favorite around-the-house lounging shorts have bleach stains on them. They are all fingertip sized, located on the right leg and right buttcheek.

Labor Day is approaching. Yay, three day weekend!

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