WoW Update: 8/13/2008

You know, the rewards program is tempting me to sign-up for a second account so that I can two-box level my alts atop a glorious zhevra mount. Blacksmithing finally gets some love in the form of Blacksmith exlusive patterns that add a socket to armor pieces. Tailors also get love in the form of Flying Carpets. Why no Blacksmithing toys? Why am I not allowed to craft a flying magic anvil? QQ.

I’ve made up my mind on mining: I’m not going to drop it. Last night I skilled from 115 to 190; I’ll finish off mithril this week (a skill fo 245 is needed to poke at the small thorium veins), and hopefully be mining in the Outlands next week and onwards. Skilling mining is so damn painful because I’ve done it on my paladin. The same mining circuits over and over….The new areas should be mildly more interesting.

I would like to have 5k gold by the time the expansion rolls around. My original goal was 10k, but fat chance I’m going to get that unless a couple more Sunmotes roll my way. Oh by the way: Players can now be reported for both raid ID theft and guild bank theft according to Belfaire, a blue poster.

“People whose raid IDs have been “stolen” are encouraged to contact the Game Master department with an in-game ticket explaining the situation. We’ll examine the case and see what we can do.


Preemptively: Yes, regulars, this is a new policy.”

Another blue post in the same thread:

“Sure. We’re also asking any victims of mass guild bank theft, regardless of permissions the person may have had, to report it to our Game Masters for review.


We won’t be able to help all victims, but there should be an increasing number of actions against those who abuse their withdrawal privileges to hinder guild progress.”

Awesome, it’s nice seeing Blizzard taking action against asses who intentionally try to steal another guild’s progressed instance. I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with both issues in the past. To be fair though, the theft occurred way way long ago when “guild banks” were pretty much level 1 officer alts.

That was actually the incident that lead to Guild Master being passed down to me. I should post about my guild history one day. I think I did that already, but nuked the post when I dumped my old database.

Oh by the way: lol, comic of the day.

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