Airsoft Helmet Version 2

A new ops-core replica helmet was purchased on Black Friday. I feel that several key points were achieved:

  1. The new helmet is a better fit to my head.
  2. The new helmet is in my preferred color, flat earth. So no more janky spraypaint jobs. Yay.

I removed the lower face pro straps from the swivel clips and sewed them onto the corner buckles, which are better positioned, look a bit cleaner, and are easier to take on and off. I am also possibly interested in purchasing lower profile eye protection (currently running with ESS Turbofans). So far, Smith Optics Boogie Regulators with the Ignitor Lens are at the top of my consideration list. I am however, concerned about fogging and face coverage so more research is required. The turbofans are huge, but fit flush with the top of my mesh lower mask, offering full face coverage.

Also, the GoPro NVG mount actually fits (with some minor filing) as in, I can actually snap it in and out of the mount with ease. I now have the camera mounted upsidedown, sitting just above my goggles instead of sticking up out over the top of my helmet. This makes it easier to maneuver through low branches and what not without having to worry about crap catching on the camera or it becoming a shiny shoot-me-beacon since it used to kind of stick up over whatever I was ducking behind for cover. It’s also closer to my actual point of view. My gun is now visible in the videos which is what I really wanted to achieve.

I just recently got around to migrating the bungee cording and accessories over from the old helmet and ran with it this past Sunday. The new GoPro mounting method resulted in better video IMO (ignoring the fact that I hadn’t cleaned the camera lense/housing in about a month…): Footage from the game.

IMG_3084 IMG_3078 IMG_3076 IMG_3080 IMG_3079 IMG_3085


  1. Hey!
    just wondering, do you have problems with the fan noise from the ess getting in to your gopro? if so how did you fix it? I mounted my gopro just like you and now when I looked at the footage all I here is the fan and it ruined all of the material.

    • The noise is barely noticeable when the fan is on low. It’s pretty loud on high, though I’ve had decent success with filtering out the buzzing during video post-production.

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