Animal Crossing New Leaf: House Tour

I am mildly obsessed with Animal Crossing New Leaf. Currently sitting at about 170.2k HHA points and working on expanding the rest of my house. The entry room contains the full exotic set as well as several other harmonious item sets. When I get around to building and expanding the right room on the first floor, I will probably turn it into a zen set + item set display room for the sake of decluttering the entry room

front 1 front 2

The second floor is reserved for seasonal furniture sets. I for the life of me cannot get the Ice Floor. So so so many snowflakes were gathered but alas, no dice

First floor left room with most of the modern wood set pieces. Haven’t quite decided what set I want to collect and display here yet. Actually, I love the cabana series but that’s a lot of medal farming…

My trophy room is located in the back room of the first floor. It is obviously influenced by Covet of Latte, the Nintendo SpotPass home that appeared in October. I will most likely move the bugs, both of which are December lucky items upstairs with the rest of the seasonal items and replace them with cafe set pieces as I obtain them from Brewster. Sadly as of yet, none of my villagers have graced me with the honor of possessing their pictures, despite running numerous errands. Y U NO LIKE ME? /sad.

back 1 back 2

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