AFK StarCraft 2


Absolutely nothing productive was accomplished this past weekend. I didn’t do any chores, I didn’t run, I didn’t work on any projects. Hell, I only left the house twice: once to quickly pick up something and another time to eat. A good chunk of my time, obviously, was spent fawning various games ending in the word “craft.”

I am not a huge real-time strategy player and I never latched on to the original StarCraft. I mean, I enjoy playing RTSs but unless the campaign is compelling most games of this genre are forgotten in a week. In fact, I was going to hold off on purchasing StarCraft II but caved in because everyone was…talking about it. The single player campaign has a surprising amount of variety in terms of mechanics and design for a strategy game. I am surprised at how much fun I am having playing this game.

I’ve really only played solo matches and co-op matches against the AI. One day I will reach the stage where I feel the urge to compete against actual human beings. But first I need to master playing against he AI on medium! (I am sad. I know). If anyone uuh can point me in the direction of a good newbie guide I would be most appreciative.

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