3.1 Patch Day Downtime Musings

I guess I’m semi-back to posting entries since the patch is out. I don’t really go on hiatus per se, but the object of my fixation (WoW, this site, other games, anime/manga, obsessively playing the guitar, etc) rotates around on a weekly to monthly basis :P.

Random site stuff first: I don’t know why the WoW blog link bar disappeared off of the front page or why the comments don’t seem to update right away when not logged into administrator mode. I’ll look into that if I have time.

I tried to update my mods this morning and noticed that WoWMatrix wasn’t working very well. Apparently curse and WoWInterface are currently blocking WoWMatrix. So, hopefully either someone at WoWMatrix finds a workaround or the folks at Curse un-ass their horrid updater within the next few days. Hmm, the Curse Client has been vastly improved since I had last used it; So for the time being, I’ll use that to update my addons.

Anyway, it’s patch day! I have been so busy/distracted that I have completely forgotten about looking into my new retribution main spec and holy off-spec. Anticipating server instability and delays, I probably have plenty of time to do so…Oh also, I’ll do an updated UI post whenever I have my 3.1 interface stabilized.

Boredom Edit:  Maybe the servers will go up soon and we will all get to play? Oh and apparently Outfitter has been un-discontinued, which is nice since Blizzard dropped the integrated equipment manager from 3.1. 

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