WoW Update: Ding Doombeard!


Happy Pi Day everyone (3/14)! I recon that it is time to pay more heed to my sites, but I haven’t really felt like posting anything lately; Been distracted doing other activities in the non World ofWarcraft/non Real Life portion of my free time (ie picking up anime/manga watching/reading again, for the first time since graduating from college x years ago lol).

Anyway, Doombeard hit level 80 last Sunday, I even brought him into Naxx-10 on Wednesday to loot sponge in true huntard fashion…He is also finally earning his keep, ala mining craptons of Saronite and what not. He is frustrating to play though because he doesn’t have an epic flying mount and probably won’t for quite some time as I keep siphoning his money away to pay for Keiya’s things. I am not sure why I am leveling alchemy on him without a weed picker, oh well.

Betrayer of Humanity finally dropped for my guild; two weeks in a row even (got it last night)! Lots of interesting paladin class changes on the 3.1 public test realms. Such as, Spiritual Attunement being changed to a deep Protection tree talent o_O. WTB Ulduar, Naxxrammas has been old for quite some time.

I keep meaning to put together a post addressing some of the Drupal questions people have asked me about, as well as a general run down of some of the modules that I really like using. This site is overdue for housecleaning and a software update; I might do that when those tasks are completed.

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