WoW Update 4/29/2008

It’s been a good month for guild progression. After kind of a lull in 25-man progression, we are coming into our stride and downing bosses at a good place. Having a fairly consistent team of raiders helps immensely. I spent a fortune chanting and gemming my new tanking gear and my healing set. I replaced half of it within the past month or so but never bothered gemming or chanting it properly.

Oh, Zul’Aman is finally on clear; we blasted through the entire instance last Wednesday and got our first full clear. Zul’jin died on the 3rd try (2% on the first attempt lol). In the middle of phase 3 we collectively realized that no one knew what the hell to do for phases 4 and 5. So there we were mid-fight, fast as hell googling strats and reading off of WoWWiki on vent, LOL.

I got the Battleworn Tuskguard off of Malacrass to replace my Tier-4 helm and another 2-hander toy off of ZJ to play with/dump in the bank. We were a couple minutes off from making the 3rd chest, close!

The HMgT tanking trinket apparently only drops when I am not in the run /boo.

The Belkin n52te

100_1487Earlier this year Belkin released the n52te, an updated version of the n52 gaming keypad that I wrote about last year. I caved in and bought it recently. The n52 is comfortable because it has an ergonomically designed hand rest (if you have the n52te, it’s coated in rubber). Out of all the gamepads that I’ve tried, the n52 was the only comfortable peripheral, in my opinion at least.

I think that many people are put off by the fact that the n52 doesn’t have as many keys as some of the other popular gamepads. If you are wise about using both the n52 shift states (red, green, blue) and the normal keyboard shift states (shift, control, alt, and any combination of such), you will have MORE than enough buttons to bind everything that you could possibly want. Anyways, the n52te:


The keys on the n52te are a huge improvement. One of my only gripes about the original device was that the keys, especially the circular button, were very stiff and took quite a bit of time to break in. The new buttons are way more responsive. They are soft and quiet, I’d say somewhere between laptop keys and normal soft keys “feel wise.

The scroll wheel was also significantly loosened up so that it feels more akin to a normal mouse wheel. I own a Razer Diamondback, it feels pretty similar in terms of click and looseness. The dpad on the n52te comes with a “joystick” on it, kind of similar to the ones on the Playstation Dual Shock controllers. It’s made of plastic and doesn’t grip your thumb sufficiently. It is however, easily removable if you do not like it.

I don’t know why Belkin/Razer chose do to this, but the null shift state was eliminated. Consequently, that is one less set of keys that you are able to bind. So if you use all 4 (null, green, red and blue), you are kind of SoL. Rumor is that the null state might be re-added in a future driver update.


The orange rubbery non-slip pad has been replaced by 6 rubbery feet, which grip better. The orange pad though adequate, still slid a bit, especially when my desk was dirty. Earlier n52te models had problems with the pads being uneven and rocking. Belkin seems to have resolved the issue since my gamepad is fine.

The profiles now load onto the controller’s internal memory, allowing you to plug and play it without having to install anything. The software, now powered by Razer, is completely different now. The editor and the loader have been integrated. A few people have complained that the new software was hard to use. It doesn’t bother me, but I don’t extensively use the macros so, *shrug.*

To be honest, the $70 price tag for the Tournament Edition is a bit much (the new keys really really do feel much nicer though…and it matches my keyboard and mouse lol). If you already own an n52, it’s not a huge upgrade. If you don’t own one, if you can get past the learning curve it is an invaluable gaming tool. Highly recommended!


  • Bind your movement keys to the cursor keys instead of WASD. That way, you will be able to chat AND move, even if the chatbar is active. No more: “wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck.”
  • It was also suggested to bind all of your most commonly used spells to non printing keys.
  • The LED backlight can be toggled on and off with a switch on the bottom of the pad.

Badge Vendor Open!

The Sunwell badge loot vendor popped at around 8am this morning on my server. I really did try hard to find a valid reason why I couldn’t go to work but alas, I’ll have to wait until this evening in order to cash in. I have all of my gems and leg armor materials ready to craft and cut. It’s a reasonably good idea to buy any chanting and gemming materials that you need before the vendor on your server pops, since there is a high chance that prices will skyrocket. I do though, need to find someone who can craft a Solid Empyrean Sapphire, won it off of Magtheridon this weekend. I very heavily regret prematurely socketting my ZA +15 stamina quest gem. Why didn’t I save it?
For approximately a month before 2.4 I was slacking off on all of my daily quests, letting my gold stash dip below 200g across all characters. It’s now safely in the 4 digit range again, thanks to the abundance of new daily quests lol (and reputation completism). Did all of my raid fish and material farming last night. I need to remember to purchase flasks before next weekend. I should otherwise be good on elixirs, pots, oils, etc. My purchase list for tonight are the Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor and the Chestplate of Stoicism. In comparison to other items for reference:

  • Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor vs Unwavering Legguards: 0 armor, -7 stamina, +3 def, +43 dodge rating, +37 spell damage, -30 shield block rating, -59 shield block rating
  • Chestplate of Stoicism vs Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian: +61 armor, +18 stamina (-4 if both pieces are socketted with all Solid Stars), +29 defense, -4 dodge, -35 spell damage, +39 block value, -2 sockets
  • Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian vs Panzar’Thar Breastplate: +157 armor, +9 stamina, -4 defense, -24 block rating, +38 dodge, -39 block value, +35 spell damage, +0 sockets
  • Chestplate of Stoicism vs Panzar’Thar Breastplate: +315 armor, +27 stamina (+3 stamina if both pieces are socketted with all Solid Stars), +25 defense, +34 dodge, -24 block rating, -2 sockets, equal block value

The extra defense is nice because I’m barely sitting at 490 now. I’ll probably replace 150 health with the new +15 def chest enchant. If I find that I am avoiding attacks to the extreme detriment of threat in the easier raid instances, I can swap out pieces. Defense isn’t useless past 490; I think I might have stated that somewhere months ago. Oh, none of the shields that I want will drop. Neither will that new trinket…/cursed.

I Want My Badge Loot, Hurry!

Wow, status on the SSO badge vendor is at 14%. It was at 0% as of 10pm last night (phase 3 popped at around 9pm). We really want our badge loot lol. Last night Drysc, a “blue” posted on my realm forums congratulating us on being the first to hit Phase 3. Good job Proudmoore, the server that never sleeps. We love our oceanic players Greasemonkey, an addon which allows you to customize the way you display any webpage using bits of JavaScipt. One of the scripts for this plug-in will parse any wowhead link on any age (that you wish the script to parse), adding the tooltops. Neat! By default it is enabled on the Blizzard sites.

Oh, and kudos to Blizzard for possible the best April Fools Day gags ever. I laughed pretty hard at the Molten Core console game…