WoW Update: Naxxramas


Gah, holiday, real life business, as well as a general posting apathy has set in lol. Anyway, we are back in the swing of things raiding wise: 10-man Naxxramas cleared, 10-man Obsidian Sanctum cleared, 25-man Spider Wing, Plague Wing and all but Thadius in the Construct Wing cleared.

Naxxrammas 25 isn’t all that different than Naxxramas 10, so far at least; Most of the fights are almost exactly the same barring a couple of differences (you need to mind control InstructorRazuvious ‘ understudies for example). Having extra people in the raid requires extra coordination on certain fights. It’s a fun instance that I never really had a chance to run at level 60.

Reputation: I am revered with the Sons of Hodir, The oracles and the Kalu’ak. I should hit exalted Hodir in a week, given that I don’t slack on any of the quests like I have been doing lately. I’m around 3 days from exalted Kalu’ak (I want my fishing pole and penguin quite badly). Almost done with the tabard reputations, save for the Kirin Tor.

Alting: Doombeard hit 71 over the weekend and even got some phat lootz from Utgarde Keep in our very first guild crap alt 5-man run! He is frustrating to level because he DPS’s really really slowly in comparison to my paladin.

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