Massive Amounts of Questing

Keiya-Naxx-Gear-2_0So the achievement farming bug finally hit me last night: I finished off Northrend Explorer achievement as well as the Zul’Drak and Howling Fjord quests for Loremaster Northrend. I am currently working on the Eastern Kingdom, Kalimdor being next. Questing also has the added bonus of giving a fair amount of faction reputation (not exalted with any of the cities yet).

The newer continents are nice because quest completion is broken down by zone, so you can see what you are missing. I wasn’t very mindful in regards to zone completion while I was leveling my paladin in late 2004/early 2005. Consequently, the quest hubs that I am missing are spread out all over the place. Grr.

Well okay, in truth? The only reason why I am bothering to do Loremaster is because of the tabard reward, which I think is possibly the most awesome tabard evar.

The Comcast disconnection issues were kind of a bummer this past weekend, because it affected quite a few people in my guild (as in, most of the healers). We kind of had an off-weekend with Friday out of the picture and the holidays coming up. We did however, manage to salvage Saturday evening.

If I don’t bother posting the rest of this week, have a happy and safe holidays all 🙂

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