WoW Update: Hodgepodge


Note to self: I really need to enchant and gem my off-spec healing set. Actually, I really really need to find myself a better healing weapon since I am still using the one from Maiden inKarazhan; Haven’t gotten a chance to roll on a healing weapon in a long ass time (being prot/ret, I wouldn’t of course roll over a legitimate healer). I guess I can craft this, since I already have alll of the mats.

Hodgepodge: Peggle for WoW, complete with a Peggle loot rolling system, guild scores, talent trees, duel modes, etc. New favorite raid downtime activity! I’ve been really bad about doing the Argent Tournament dailies lately as I’ve skipped most of them this entire week for one reason or another.

I’m looking for another raid fram add-on that’s cleaner than X-Perl; trying to reduce raid and targetting clutter, especially with vehicles and ToT. I might give oUF a spin tonight.

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