WoW Update 9/21/07

Look, I’m blogging again. Haven’t been in the mood to write long articles lately, so I have gone into a state of update dormancy while I goof off with other things 😛 (My attention shifts between various spare time activities). I kind of want to re-theme this site again, but haven’t found the time to create a custom Drupal template. Oh, and I have assloads more space and bandwidth now, so I don’t have to super chop the images down.

  • The stupid breastplate finally dropped last night off of Nightbane! I swear that every guild is cursed differently drop wise. For us, it’s tanking plate: Healing crap drops by the droves, tanking gear is really damn rare.
  • Guild wise: I think we’re at the point where Gruul is now a gear wall rather than an organizing and strategy challenge. Shatter deaths were minimal last Saturday.
  • Noticed that a lot of guilds tend to do Netherspite dead last progression wise and was somewhat surprised. It’s a very different encounter, but I’ve never really considered it to be a difficult or taxing fight o_O.
  • I need to start doing the Netherwing quests, after exalted Consortium that is my next rep goal. Would also one day like to finish off my rep for Argent Dawn and Cenarion Circle…I stopped at mid way revered for both. I don’t really need anything from either faction, it is just to feed my rep obsession.
  • I just need one more Furies card before I can get my trinket: The elusive 7 of Furies.
  • The Karazhan guide will be updated and day. Might add a page for Gruul’s Lair.
  • Is it just me or are there just not very many good epic tanking cloaks for plate classes? The next upgrade above the heroic blues seems to be one that drops in Tempest Keep.

I am trying very hard to resist the urge to pre-order and obsess over Orange Box (TF2)! But it’s slowly chipping away at whatever gaming willpower that I have left. Oh and, Bioshock was very fun: I actually played through and finished it! Even if you aren’t into first person shooters or role playing games, it’s worth picking up.

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