Gear & Gruul Update

I am thinking that Gruul is just one of those fights where everyone has to get used to positioning. After everyone can stay out of the cave-in and position for Shatter fast without dying, focus can shift exclusively to maximizing DPS output. On our very first week we got him down to 48%, second week we got him down to 39%, last week 7% (consistently below 30% and 20%). I was absent from Gruul this week for real life festivities, but grats guys! Keep up the great work 😀
Tanking gear wise, I need one more item from Karazhan: the [item]Wrynn Dynasty Greaves[/item], which just won’t drop /lootcurse. I also need one more Furies card, the 7 (most expensive unfortunately…and I blew cash on gems and raid pots). With both, my health should be close to 14,000 unbuffed? [item]Gorehowl[/item] dropped off of Prince. Since no one wanted it I loot soaked it and slapped Savagery on it. Thinking about blowing all of my arena points for the [item]Merciless Gladiator’s Scaled Shoulders[/item] to add to my DPS set.
OH! Patch 2.2 is coming out tomorrow.

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