WoW Update: 8/28/2008


The screenshot is of folks participating in the, “Anal Game” in the server trade channel. Apparently this game is a regular event, lol. I wonder if it’s a Proudmoore specific activity or if it occurs across all servers. I miss the global LFG channel beucase most part, the spamtards stayed there instead of leaking over into other channels. I used to legitimately follow the trade channel for trading…

We did Blackwing Lair last weekend with around 10 to 15 people (well up to Firemaw), retro raid! I was a heal bot the last time I was in there way back in vanilla WoW, so tanking it was interesting. lol at having people hearth back to grab their Onyxia Scale Cloaks.


My hunter is 68 and 3/4ths, almost level 69! His mining is at 337, 342 with the +5 mining enchant. It’s really easy to skill in Hellfire Peninsula because there is a virtual crapton of Fel Iron nodes all over the place. Selling the ore has yielded more than enough gold for my poor hunter to get his flying mount, and then some more to pad Keiya’s wallet for the expansion pack. Farming would be way easier with a flying mount.


I finally chanted my Zin’rohk with Savagery. Mongoose probably would have been better but I don’t have Mongoose and was too lazy to outsource the chant (I like chanting my own gear). It’s been sitting in my inventory for months and I am itching to use it because well, it is ginormous. Peen sword!


So I guess that more or less means that I’m going to, at least part of the way, level retribution. Hmm, I think I’ll do an audit of my retribution set to see what slots I need to fill, what gems/chants I’ll need, and what I should blow the rest of my badges on. I have so much spare gear and shit just lying around all over my bank (our melee DPS for the most part all wear leather or chain, guess who usually soaks most of the lolret pieces?). Possible level 70 retribution leveling build.

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