Playing & Watching: September 2nd

Game Tabs is my favorite website at the moment; It’s a huge resource for video game guitar tablature. I’ll make a, “photo blog” post either tonight or later this week. This will probably a semi-regular occurence depending on when I feel like retrieving the pictures off of my phone. I grabbed some new gear (WoW) this weekend and did an audit of my retribution pieces. I should probably post about that tomorrow.

I’m not playing a whole lot video game wise (God forbid I do other things with my free time :P). I did though, resurrect Neverwinter Nights this weekend as mentioned in a previous post. Actually, I ended up buying it at Fry’s because who the hell knows where my other CDs went (probably in a box somewhere from my college apartment). Anyway, the Diamond Edition is cheap and comes with the expansion packs, which I’ve never played. So it’s all good.

If you have an Nvidia video card and NWN is running at a shit framerate no matter what the video settings are, upgrade to the latest forceware drivers, that fixed it for me. NWN just seems to be one of those games that has a tendency to do weird shit when you frequently tab in-and-out of it. I guess I can run it in windowed mode. Why can all games have maximized windowed mode?

I lost interest in Heroes around a third of the way through the second season and stopped watching. The third season, which looks interesting, starts up later this months. I have a couple of weeks to catch up on what i missed. I still haven’t finished the last season of Stargate SG-1 or the two DVD movies. I should just go to Costco, their DVD boxed sets cost like, $19 instead of being $35 to $50.

Oh bonus! Jonathan Coulton and Felicia Day (Penny from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog) singing “Still Alive” at PAX this weekend (video is shown below the cut):


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