WoW Update 7/2/07

Fairly uneventful weekend. Going to be busy this week with the 4th coming up on Wednesday and masses of people coming over on Sunday. I should finish up my Karazhan guide and/or several of the paladin posts that I have half started one day.
  • Bought the boot pattern and crafted my [item]Boots of the Protector[/item] on Friday before the raid. I know that I have more spell damage than I need at the moment. But, that’s just until I replace my sword, which will be soon (hopefully…)
  • [item]Formula: Enchant Weapon – Sunfire[/item] dropped off of Aran on Saturday evening. Crafted my Runed Eternium Rod, adding to the list of expensive materials that I owe guild mates. Must farm.
  • Farmed 6 of the 12 Primal Waters that I owed on Sunday morning. Was going to farm the rest in the evening or pull people into doing a heroic, but took the evening off to play Kingdom Hearts II, before it rots anymore on my shelf.
  • A guild member and I are working on a side project: We’re tracking each week’s "loot seeder" in relation to the types of items that drop each week to see if there’s a correlation. Yes, I know that Blizzard has debunked the theory at least a dozen times and that there isn’t much basis to this belief in the first place. But, if there is no loot seed, who teh hell are we going to use as a scapegoat?
  • Why I rolled a paladin reason II: Pure vanity, I refuse to roll a main character that does not wear plate armor…which narrowed my choices down to 2 classes 😛

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