Two site related things first: 
1. Changed the site theme: Got tired of using the Drupal default. I really wanted to code and create a custom theme of my own, but I just don’t have time to do that anymore. There are lots of great Drupal templates out there anyways.

2. Added a link block to the left navigation, for my personal convenience and as a shout out to some of the WoW blogs that I enjoy reading (mostly paladin related). So, if anyone of those sites notices around a dozen hits referring from my site, that is probably me being ansty at work :P.

From the perspective of someone who is in charge of class and role balancing a raid: Let’s say that the raid has a protection paladin and a protection warrior of equal gear, skill, and experience. Against a boss that is not on farm status, I will choose the warrior for the sake of raid utility, unless there is a specific reason why the paladin should MT.

It’s nothing against tankadins, heck I am one! I would probably feel the same way even if both classes were dead equal in terms of tanking abilities, health pool, etc (paladin class problems would be another post all-together :P). In my opinion and experience, paladins offer more in a non-tanking role in terms of utility than a non-tanking protection warrior. Most of our performance honestly, is gear dependent. I can still heal, cleanse, take over main healing if one of the priests bites it, etc.

In all fairness, I’m probably an unusual case, in the sense that I don’t enjoying DPSing all that much. It’s fun, but I’ve raided on my hunter and as a full spec retribution critadin (30% crit fully buffed and potted pre-BC FTW), and found it boring after an extended period of time.

I enjoy tanking greatly, and will insist on tanking on many an occasion since I’ve invested a great deal of gold and time into chanting, gemming, and accruing proper gear. But, I will also gladly stand back and heal if appropriate. What I enjoy most about being a paladin isn’t specifically tanking or specifically healing, but the flexibility the class offers in terms of game play. That’s the reason why I rolled a paladin.

…ultimately, this entire post is just a nicer way of saying: “Keiya has the attention span of a flea” (true fact :P).

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