What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

YAY FINALLY! WoWScrnShot_092409_090703What a long, strange trip indeed. I logged on early this morning for the sole purpose of getting the last 16 tickets that I needed in order to purchase all of the Brewfest regalia. The refund thing still works by the way. After obtaining Brewmaster, I refunded the gear and bought the Pony Keg and the Pint-Sized Pink Elekk. So now I officially have every single piece of Brewfest loot that I have ever wanted. I wonder if I should bother running Doombeard through all of these quests.

Though there were a few rocky moments, in retrospect, I had a good time running through most of the holiday achievements. The quests aren’t anything super fabulous, given that most are several years old, but they are a good break from my normal gaming routine and were also good for a fun trinket and/or a fistful of gold. Achievements such as the Lunar Festival coin collecting or trick-or-treating were time consuming and sent you to the far ends of the game world, but overall not all too bad considering that the reward is pretty nice (310%!)

The only activities I really truly detested were any drop based achievement heavily depended upon the RNG or achievements that involved massive spawn camping like the easter egg hunts for Noblegarden. Too be fair, Blizzard did patch nerf most of the annoying drop achievements (Halloween pet and the Brewfest mount). As for Noblegarden, only being able to play during absolute peak hours for that event meant that it took absolutely forever. I’m actually not sure why I bothered doing that…

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