…Then Along Came a Nuke


I was linked a few YouTube videos of absolutely hilarious Cataclysm quests (obviously, minor spoilers in the video links). These are the kind of quests that I am looking forward to when the expansion pack finally rolls around at the end of this year; Non-standard, quirky and fun. Not so much WoW play lately other than some raiding, some PvP, and some putzing around on my hunter who by the way, has another piece of ICC loot to strap on. One day I might even chant and gem it! If the group permits, I so want to sneak him into Lady Deathwhisper for the bow. No one else needs it right?

Back to the main topic: Another “Keiya’s game replay of the moment” post. I still haven’t had a chance to get some good 1v1 time on. By the time I finish eating and doing whatever around the house after I get home from work, my lovely 2v2 partner is ready to play <3. So this is another 2v2 TP vs TP game on Novice Discord IV. I had a lot of fun playing this one, mostly because I managed to play around with and get a few nukes off towards the end of the match. Also, Viking dancing is kind of fun. Land, fly, land fly…

Ghosts are fun to fiddle around with even though they seem to be fairly micro intensive. I am still pretty fail at this whole micro and rock, paper, scissors thing. At some point in the near future I think I am going to try branching out from my typical 111 banshee rush opener. It’s feeling like a one trick pony at this point. Though to be fair, the practice league maps seem to be all of the novice flavor with the stupid rock blockades in the middle. I guess it helps to fend off early waves but it makes it hard to scout and to rush out any ground units without going for a medivac drop or something like that.

StarCraft II has some crazy fun custom maps out there. We have been playing a series of tower defense maps for the past couple of days. There’s a good classic 50 wave TD map based off of Elemental Tower Defense for Warcraft 3. There were also a couple of good co-op base defense maps available. If I can remember what the name of any of these maps I will edit this post with a link.

Edit: It’s called Standard Tower Defense.

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