The Summer Slump

I am in full summer mode at the moment, just in case it wasn’t fairly obvious already lol. Expect err, the number of non-WoW related postings to increase a bit. About half of my guild and seemingly a good chunk of the WoW population is too, based off of the general raiding lull and blah feeling floating around the community. It’s not just WoW either, I just haven’t feel like gaming nearly as much lately; I think there was an article on low game sales a week or two ago. The weather is nice and the days are long, so why not go outside and engage in recreation?

Summer has never traditionally been all that big of a game season for me or anyone really, seeing as nothing really ever comes out during the summer, with the Fall and Winter pre-Christmas release season just around the corner. I used to play video games quite a bit while I was in school because it was one of the only long break periods in which I could dedicate time to completing lengthy games without having to study or work on a project (well, that and being a kid, thus having no money to do much of anything).

In my case, friends and family are generally more available to do stuff during the summer. It’s when children are out of school and when people take the time to plan vacations. I’ve been either away or busy during the weekends quite a bit more than usual this year for whatever reason. I’ve also been focusing a bit more on non geek traditional hobbies: Playing the guitar, running, and several other things.

I know that the summer slump occurs annually, but it just seems extra bad this year for some reason. I’m sure that being firmly in-between patches isn’t helping much either. Ulduar is awesome and all, but I think we’re due for an injection of new content soon. So is it a general disinterest in WoW? Is it a product of the bad economy? Or is everyone just really busy all of a sudden? What’s everyone up to in the real world nowadays?

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