The Steam Summer Sale


Another Steam sale came and went. I was planning on sitting this round out in lieu of me realizing that I haven’t even downloaded or touched approximately 50% of my existing Steam library; But I mean, literally every single game I had on my wish list was on sale, so you know how that goes. Overall, I did manage to make it through the sale with my wallet relatively unscathed. My haul is as follows: Metro Last Light, Saint’s Row III, & Puzzle Quest 2. Futhermore, I have even managed to not only download all three games but even play them for more than 5 minutes.

  • Metro Last Light: Of all games on sale, Metro Last Light was the only one that I was intent on purchasing if it went on sale for enough. Very immersive, really liking its aesthetic as a whole. Fuck the spiders :// I think though, it is best played as a stealth game rather than a straight up guns blazing shooter. If there’s any real criticism that I have about this game so far, it is that the AI leaves something to be desired to say the least. Sneaking through an area without being detected was as a whole, more engaging and more challenging than repeatedly clearing rooms by funnelling the AI around a corner and straight into my sawed off shotgun (they would just literally walk into it one by one until there was no one left…), but to each his own.
  • Saint’s Row III: Possibly the greatest game ever, more-so because the campaign fully supports LAN co-op. I really like the fact that doesn’t take itself seriously and is way over the top. It’s like GTA, but so much funnier.
  • Puzzle Quest 2: I guess am kind of obsessed with Bejeweled type games. If it involves matching colorful squares into groups or 3 or more, I will probably buy it.

As a sidenote: I have mixed feelings about Steam’s new trading card gimmick. I guess it’s something new and interesting to do/porn for completionists and people who enjoy collecting things. I did manage to sell a couple of duplicate summer sale cards for piddly pocket change and then in return, purchase remaining cards that I needed to complete the badge and earn a level up. So as a result, I am now level 11. Yay  I guess?

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