Summer Movies and Other Things

A few quick notes on Summer movies, anime, and miscellaneous media things.

  • Iron Man 3: I liked it a lot but not as much as the previous films. As multiple people have already stated, Tony Stark 3 may have been a more appropriate title given how little suit action there was.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness: Benedict Cumberbatch! Bit of a Sherlock fan here…I don’t feel that the female characters were as strong as they could have been to say the least as I was a bit disappointed with Uhura and Doctor Marcus; Mostly with Doctor Marcus given how far her character deviates from the original films. Though most importantly, I greatly enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness as a whole. The reboots have just enough Star Trek flavor without feeling like a huge nerd circlejerk.
  • Pacific Rim: Awesome. Exactly what I wanted/expected. If you have ever even remotely been enjoyed or been a fan of giant robots and giant monsters, you must see this film in the theaters. I wouldn’t say that the plot or dialogue is Oscar worthy but I don’t think anyone goes to a straight up action film expecting Citizen Kane.
  • Shingeki no Kyojin: Probably the most interesting new anime series that I have seen in recent memor; Not that it means much coming from me given that the last actual new series that I have seen was Puella Magi Madoka Magica (watch it even if you don’t think that it will be your thing, it’s quite good).
  • Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C3-bu is effectively K-On but with airsoft guns. It is exactly what I was expecting down to the animation quality and character types.
  • Daft Punk!

Heart of the Swarm: I have had about $20 Blizzard bucks floating around on my bnet account for about a year that I keep neglecting to spend. Seeing as how I have been kind of wanting Heart of the Swarm (and that it’s not likely to drop in price anytime soon), I might as well just buy it at effectively half off. Unfortunately for me, Blizzard allows you to purchase items using either your Bnet balance or normal payment methods, not both for a single order. So in order to purchase this game, I had to add funds into my balance, wait 3 full days for the transaction to go through and then finally purchase the game. Lame. The campaign and what not are fun as expected, even though I have more or less set SC aside to play Animal Crossing and Metro Last Light.

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