The Sims 3: Constant Game Crash Fix

If you are running a system with more than sufficient memory, are absolutely positive that it isn’t a hardware issue, yet your game is still crashing/save crashing out every 30 to 45 minutes, read this blog post and then download/run this tool. Just because it worked for me doesn’t mean that it will work for you, so make sure to backup the executables before patching them just in case. I Sims 3 binged for a good portion of Sunday and did not crash out once.

Neither The Sims 3 forums nor the crash logs within The Sims 3 directory were all that useful. By the way, the “DasmX86Dll.dll not found” error message isn’t all that relevant to the actual cause of the crashes (confirmed by SimGuru; It is a red herring). It’s a file that was used as a part of the debugging process and was removed when the game went live. So it is more of a catch all than anything else.

I was actually pretty fortunate and never had a game crash problem until I installed the High-End Stuff Pack (I know that was totally a waste of cash but I needed my Sims crack fix). Apparently, one of the suspect causes of the crashing is the 2GB virtual memory limitation. The patcher will let you modify The Sims 3 executables to use more than 2GB of memory. Or something like that.

So yay, I can play this game once again without it shitting on me.

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