The 2015 Steam Summer Sale

Every year, Steam has some sort of odd promotional gimmick, usually centered around the trading cards and badges. This year’s gimmick was an odd cookie clicker game. I guess the goal of the game is to get to level 100M for a badge? *shrug*

I gingerly managed to escape the Summer Steam Sale with only two purchases: Shadowrun Returns and Hatoful Boyfriend; Bringing this year’s total expenditure to all of about $5. I have heard decent things about the Shadowrun Returns game and overall, I really like the universe and game system (based off of a short pen and paper campaign). If I recall correctly, the combat system is turned based ala X-Com, Baldur’s gate, etc. As far as Hatoful Boyfriend goes…reasons. I do hope to play both titles at some point, but seeing as how I have picked up The Sims 4 again and am also working my way through Witcher 3 playthrough #2, that may be a ways off.

This is a bit late in the sale but: Both the Witcher 1 and the Witcher 2 are still on sale for about $2 each. I think I clocked around 40 hours of playtime per game and greatly enjoyed every minute of it. So if you are looking for a longish RPG to play, especially if you enjoyed playing the Witcher 3, both are well worth picking up.

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