Shared Topic: “What I Will be Doing…”

Oh heyo, I like shared blog topics; They are fun to participate in and read. So this week’s topic over at Blog Azeroth is "What will I be doing (when WotLK goes live)" We should all have a better idea about what to expect on expansion day from the BC release. I wonder how my experience will differ this time around. Specifically, how it will differ not being in the expansion beta. 

I will be refreshing the UPS shipping page every 5-minutes all day at work unless I decide to attend a midnight launch event. I doubt that I will do that though unless I took a day off work. I’m not that obsessed to the point where I would use one of my holy vacation days to play WoW. Well, yet. Oh, unless the expansion pack is delayed until 2009, and I really hope that it is, I will probably be letting Fallout 3 collect dust for a while lol.

I will most likely be trying to get my user interface to work. Something important will break. Something important always breaks no matter how hard I prepare. The goal is to redo it completely when the next patch hits, or at least streamline it to reduce all of the junk I keep installing.

Once I actually set foot in Northrend, I will be getting a guild group together to start running the bujesus out of all entry level instances. During the first few days that the Burning Crusade was released, Hellfire Peninsula was so congested that it was nearly impossible to get any questing done. We ran instances constantly and started questing over in Zangarmarsh, where it wasn’t as crowded. I also expect Proudmoore to frequently die…

I will be achievement whoring. I should so make a list of achievements that I have and achievements that I can do the second WotLK goes live.

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