Scott Pilgrim (The Comic Series)

I admit, I have known about the Scott Pilgrim series for some time, heard that it was good, but just put off reading it because I figured that it would either be overly goofy or some lame action manga rip off. Well, it’s not. In fact, it’s probably one of the better comics that I have read. I know that both the movie and the game will have already been released by the time I bother posting this entry but, go pick up the graphic novels if you have a chance. It’s not that long of a series at 6 volumes but it’s well worth reading.

If you are put off by the art style for some reason, don’t be. Bryan Lee O’Malley follows his own style: Relatively simple character designs against detailed background. The overall plot is a simple and somewhat ludicrous story that is at heart, an honest story about a young man’s post college struggles with life, love and himself. So, if you are in that age category, go read this series because it should resonate with you on some level.

The fight scenes are good, but not really the focus of the story. Most of the plot is driven by character interactions and dialogue. In fact, I would say that the characters themselves are defined by their voice and interactions and not by their character design. Without spoiling the last volume, I really liked the closure and the character growth the last volume offered. The series has a good message; It’s a fun read without being too heavy.

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