Retribution Gear Want List

Whenever a guild heroic group is formed the conversation goes something like this:

“Where do you all want to go?”
“I don’t know, what instances does everyone need?”
“What do you need from heroic <x>?”

…and then every single time I have to go to Wowhead to look up loot tables. Some of these are “I’m not sure but probably” items. I should make a separate list for Naxx and the craftables.

Slot Source
Death-Inured Sabatons Feet Ebon Blade Exalted
Snake Den Spaulders Shoulders Gundrak Slad’ran
Spaulders of the Giant Lords Shoulders Sons of Hodir Revered
Flame-Bathed Steel Girdle Waist The Nexus Keristrasza
Bonegrinder Breastplate Chest Old Kingdom Taldaram
Bands of the Stoneforge Wrists Halls of Stone Sjonnir
Band of Frosted Thorns Finger The Nexus Ormork
Hemorrhaging Circle Finger Gundrak Gal’darah
Mobius Band Finger Strat Chrono-Lord Epoch
Incisor Fragment Trinket Drak’Tharon King Dred
Meteorite Whetstone Trinket Utgarde Pinnacle King Ymiron
Gold Amulet of Kings Neck Utgarde Pinnacle King Ymiron

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