Musings: Memorable Fictional Weapons

I have an urge to post about something that isn’t related to the World of Warcraft for once. *gasp!*

So: On combining basic weapon types to create even cooler weapons. The weapons are categorized according to their dominant property. For example, the Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII is primarily an edged weapon and is thus categorized with the other edged weapons.

Energy weapons
Phasers, lasers and disruptors.

  1. Energy weapon + Edged weapon = Lightsaber (Star Wars).
    A lightsaber is energy essentially, so it is categorized with the energy weapons.
  2. Energy weapon + Crossbow = Wookie Bowcaster (Star Wars).
    It’s a crossbow that shoots metal quarrels enveloped in energy.
  3. Energy Weapon + Frisbee = The Tron throwing discs.

Guns and Rifles
Mostly chemical propellants (bullets), but I guess this category includes anything that shoots small objects at very high velocities (railguns for example).

  1. Gun + Chainsaw = Lancer (Gears of War)
    It’s a gun with a chainsaw attached to the bottom.
  2. Gun + Melee (?) = Cherry’s Leg (Grindhouse).
    I guess?
  3. Sniper Rifle + Transporter = TR-116 (Star Trek: DS9)
    From the episode “Field of Fire.” Allows the wielder to see and shoot people through walls. 
  4. Teleporter + Gun = The Portal gun from Portal.
    A gun that shoots portals.
  5. Gun + Robot = Megatron.
    …is a gun.

Miscellaneous Ranged
Bows, crossbows, miscellaneous things that are thrown.

  1. Frisbee + Edged weapon = Xena’s frisbee blade thing.
  2. Ranged + Gun = Auto repeating crossbows and needle guns.
    Any of those miscellaneous junk throwers. 

Edged Weapons
Swords, knives, polearms and anything that is generally pointy or sharp.

  1. Blade + Gun = Gunblade (Final Fantasy VIII).
    You know, I always thought that this was kind of a dumb concept.
  2. Blade + Chainsaw = Chainsaw swords (Fallout 3 for example)
  3. Blade + Energy Weapon = Power swords (Halo).
    Categorized under edged weapons because they have physical forms.
  4. Blade + Whip = Zabimaru, Renji’s zanpakuto from Bleach.
    This weapon gets bonus points for transforming into a baboon-snake thing in bankai form.

Miscellaneous Melee Weapons
Whips, chainsaws, fists, crowbars…

  1. Whip + Knives = Ivy’s blade whip thing (Soul Caliber)
  2. Whip + Energy weapon = Ferengi Energy Whip (Star Trek)
  3. Fist + Edged Weapon = Wolverine’s Claws (and any fist blade sort of weapon)
  4. Chainsaw + Hand = Chainsaw Hand (Evil Dead)

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