QQ No BlizzCon Tickets For Me

pantsOh well, I’ll attend BlizzCon one of these days. This summer isn’t a great time for me to go anyways because of various real life circumstances.

We’re still running a bit short for heroic Ulduar. In the mean time though, we’re progressing through Ulduar 10. The tier-8 leggings are more than kind of ugly. Keiya doesn’t like dresses! I do though, really like the way the chest piece looks. But then again,I’ve always been a sucker for plate midriff.

Over the past month or two, I swear that at least half of my favorite WoW blogs have went inactive; What is with that? Speaking of blogs, there is some Grade A internet drama occurring over here regarding this person. What a strange and elaborate thing to do for no meaningful gain.

Even though I could care less about who a person chooses to portray for their interwebs avatar, hiding behind the identity of a hot gamer girl for the sake of gaining a larger reader base is uber lame. Stealing another person’s identity and pictures is kind of wrong and creepy :/.

So I am kind of curious: I wonder how many people think I am male? Most people I encounter in WoW do until they hear me flap my mouth over vent (for a while I semi-refused to speak. I think that made guild members suspicious LOL). The way I write and act, at least online and amongst close friends isn’t particularly feminine. I find that mildly amusing lol.

I have been greatly looking forward to the release of  The Sims 3, which is this coming Tuesday. The Sims (TS2 that is) I guess, is kind of like a gaming mistress. I have on-and-off love affairs with it when my other gaming staples aren’t doing it for me. It’s actually one of the only games that I have (kind of) consistently played on a long term basis. I am pretty fickle about my games and tend to move onto the next fix quickly.

There might be a few posts and possibly a review on that topic as well as another dump of random
cellphone pictures.

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