Paladin Tier-9: Turalyon’s

MMO-Champion has as preview of most of the Tier-9 sets up, along with set bonuses. Paladin Tier-9 is apparently called Turalyon‘s Battlegear, Garb and Plate for Retribution, Holy and Protection respectively. I don’t know how final any of these are, since they are being pulled off of the test servers.

The new paladin sets kind of remind me of the old school PVP sets minus the tacky yellow color. I like the blue, white and bronze/gold color scheme, it’s very regal looking. The helm is also “wearable”, unlike Tier-8’s weird burka mask. Does anybody actually have the helm graphic on for that item? Many of the tiered sets look nice conceptually, but don’t translate very well into the game. Crystalforge for example: Very swank and pretty in the collector’s edition artbook, but way too purple and…floaty in the Burning Crusade.

I am also glad that Blizzard is adding different horde and alliance models for Tier-9; Can’t have those dirty horde fakadins looking like me. But, if variety is what they are shooting for, why do the Death Knight and Warrior sets use the exact same model? Seriously, exactly the same just recolored. Really Blizzard?

But on the other hand: HAHAHAHAHA horde paladins. I am so sorry that you all are going to look like psychedelic crack shaman. Go go alliance!

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