Oh Shadowmourne

I have been working on the Shadowmourne quest line on my paladin. (Hmm, I say paladin as if I have another high level alt that could use it lol). I completed the turn-in and I completed the 1000 soul collection, but we aren’t quite at the point in our 25-man group where I would be able to complete the next 3 parts.

I am somewhat tempted to just pay a progression guild off to run me through the instance. The problem being: First, I would be saved to the instance that week, meaning that I would miss out on the guild 25-man raid (meh random people). Second, the guilds willing to run people through the quest bosses are charging a buttload of gold. Like, 40k. So not worth paying even close to that amount with Cataclysm looming on the horizon. Especially considering that isn’t even the last step.

Oh, ruminating over swapping this site over from Drupal to WordPress. I love Drupal, but I feel that it no longer suits the needs of this site which is, always has been and most likely always will be a single user blog and little else (but for a massive community based site, Drupal all the way). Oh, doing so would mean having to manually editing quirks out of about 200 posts.

BlizzCon 2010 tickets go up on the 2nd and the 5th of June. Crossing my fingers. MUST GET TICKETS.

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