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I like reading the “Reader WoWspace of the Week” articles over on WoWInsider. It’s interesting seeing where other people play, in addition to giving me purchasing ideas (naughty naughty, I spend enough on “stupid computer crap” and “personal ergonomic comfort.”) Figured I would do my own:

  • Desk: Beech Veneer Ikea Galant table. My old deks was a large awkward computer cart. I like this one because it’s plain, sturdy, and spacious. I am considering going back over to Ikea and getting the cable organizer that attaches to the underside of the desk, so that I can run the cables through it and hide them a little more.
  • Chair: It was on sale at Office Depot for around $99. It’s cushy and it’s leather.
  • Monitors: 19″ Samsung SyncMaster 914v and 22″ widescreen Samsung SyncMaster 225BW. Both were Black Friday sales, for 2005 and 2006.
  • Speakers: Cheap Creative 5.1 speakers from Best Buy. One day, I’ll replace them with a nicer set of PC surround sound speakers, but these are sufficient for the time being.
  • Nostromo n52 Speedpad: I love this thing, it’s so handy. I have just about every single ability and macro that I could ever want to use bound to the gamepad. It does though, take quite a bit of time to get used to. I don’t think I can play without it now.
  • Logitech G15 Keyboard: Newest toy, posted an article about it lately. My other keyboard drowned in a tragic coffee incident.
  • Razer Diamondback Mouse: It’s a low profile mouse with on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment options. Pretty, glows blue, very responsive.
  • Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition Mousepad on top of an IcMat (bought it from CompUSA and hated it…the noisy scraping noise eventually drove me nuts). The MC mousepad is a bit small though…

DeskComputersBuilt it during early August right when the socket 939 chips and boards dropped significantly in price. Had originally purchased a Radeon x1800XT, but it was a bad. Returned it to Newegg and bought a cheaper NVidia card in its stead. Figured that I would eventually replace it with a DX10 card.

  • Case: Antec p180, It’s the mini-fridge case, but it’s large, quiet (sides are insulated), and designed well. It’s also made of steel…and kind of heavy lol.
  • CPU: AMD 64 X2 4600+, CPU Cooler: ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro
  • Motherbard: Abit KN8 SLI
  • RAM: 2GB Corsair ValueSelect 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400
  • Graphics Card: BFG Geforce 7600 GT OC with a Zalman VF-900
  • PSU: OCZ Powerstream 520w.
  • Harddrives: HDD 1: 400g SATA Seagate Barracuda, HDD 2: 250g SATA Western Digital Caviar (video and bittorrent drive), HDD 3: 250g IDE Maxtor (junk drive)
  • That’s a 5.25″ in floppy drive installed, in it’s beautiful faded beige glory.
  • Below it is the Creative X-Fi front audio panel with my Ventrillo mic plugged in (I know I know, will chat more with it one day I swear). Probably wasn’t worth an extra $100 just for the remote and panel, but I <3 buttons.
  • Case = dusty. I haven’t cleaned out the front intake filters in several months. Luckily though, the inside of my case stays relatively clean. The filters seem to catch most of the dust.
  • Top of the case: Old ass TI-85 graphing calculator sitting on top of a scientific calculator , and an external HDD enclosure.
  • To the right is my old computer, which actually isn’t functional at the moment because I don’t know where my C drive is. When turned on, the entire case hums and emits a horrid blue glow. It’s irritating.


Other Stuff:
DesklolI just cleaned my desk, otherwise there would be food and an assortment of paper work everywhere.

  • My rooster mug <3.
  • 30g iPod video. It’s how I keep sane during the workday.
  • PS2 and Gamecube with Jabba the Hutt perched on top.
  • BC collector’s edition.
  • Miscellaneous games, DVDs, and literature. Typically the games, books, and DVDs that I am currently playing, reading, and watching.
  • X-Fi and TV remote. I usually store these on the floor on the other side of the room 😛
  • $20 tensor lamp from Costco with a loose switch. Been broken for 2-years, keep meaning to fix it.
  • Junk under the lamp: Small pile of old harddrives and a plush frog pencil holder. Both are sitting on 2 old computers, stacked on top of each other to form a table.
  • Ugly black file box under the table is what I use as a foot rest.
  • Right above my mouse is a white dish like thing with a clear blue d20 in it. It’s actually an incense holder that I use as a spoon rest. When the weather is not hot, I love sipping hot cocoa in the evenings.
  • The d20 makes important decisions for me.

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